Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wright Brothers

Cuter than Orville and Wilbur (seriously. No weird looking facial hair)... more popular too (I bet O & W don't have fans on Facebook!) Welcome....

Matthew David and Benjamin Luke!!

This cuter, more popular set of Wright brothers arrived on the scene last night at 11:04 and 11:10. Weighing a little over 4 lbs apiece, these brothers are already good at crying and flirting with the nurses.

Still not convinced of their superiority? Let's take a look...

Here we have Wilbur Wright...

The older of the two, he looks vacant. Not much going on here.

Whereas, with Matthew, the older of the twins, we have a different story.

Here Matthew is contemplating his new life. So full of possibilities! So full of people waiting to make fools of themselves just for his sake!

Next, let's look at Orville...

Before mentioning the odd handle-bar mustache, I have to point out his name. Orville? Really? This man grew up with a complex, I'm sure.

Now look at Benjamin Luke...

Already sitting up so proudly! Ready to give speeches that will change the World! (for the better, of course) Benjamin has a plan for life and he is just ready for the opportunity to share it!

Congratulations Melissa and John Wright! You have a set of twins that are ready to take on the World!

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Pat said...

What sweet pictures! Melissa and John--well done! Can't wait to see our very own Wright brothers!

Grammy Pat