Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ode to Uncle JD

For their birthdays, JD got the kids an Acappella Babies DVD which trains little ears to be able to pick out different harmonies. The kids LOVE it! On average, we watch it a million times a day. At least 3- all in a row. It's like Baby Einstein- only with Acappella music; complete with bright colors and random pictures of objects to catch baby's eye.

Between each song, there's a 'Learn to Sing' section, which takes the kids through the scales. You would not believe how well the kids do with it! Isaac and Andy are the most impressive. Abby tends to find something else to do after 1 or 2 songs. The boys will go through all the scales with the video.

It comes with a CD to listen to in the car as well. And we do... constantly. One of the songs is called "God's Fisherman" talking about how there are all kinds of animals, but we want to be God's fisherman. You'd have to hear it. Anyhoo- apparently when Joe and Isaac were in Walmart the other day, Isaac picked up a fishing pole and told Joe, "I'm God's fisherman!" Cute right?!

Well, today Isaac was playing and just started to sing one of the songs. I tested fate and got out the camera. Surprise... he didn't stop singing! If you listen carefully, you can tell he is singing the tune of "My Father's World". They don't sing the words in the video, just a lot of "la la la".

Ok, JD. You created this monster... you're paying for voice lessons when he gets older!
He's just following in the Delk tradition of being a talented singer!

Cheap Thrills

Last Sunday, I was trying to let Joe sleep, since he had worked the night shift the week before. The kids had to be creative since I threw out most of their toys over spring break, so they created their own toy... a couch slide!

Creative right? They've done this before, so don't think they just came up with it. I tend to discourage such antics, but really, what else were they to do?

By the way, in the background is PBS. They were asking for money, and showing a Celtic Thunder concert. One of my teacher friends told me to watch it. Not my smartest move, but they were pretty good.

More sliding. Andy was upset that Isaac took a toy, I think. Now, what you've all been waiting for... video!!

No one was harmed in the filming of this video. We actually stopped about 5 min later. Joe never did get a good nap. He decided to go change his spark plugs instead. Go figure.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Your Friendly Neighborhood Super Hero...

Super Abby!!
She cuter than a puppy dog, louder than a foghorn, and faster than a hippo with a hernia... she's Super Abby!!

She flies around looking for innocent citizens who need her care. Today the person who needed her the most was Daddy.

What finesse! What style!! What incredible cuteness!! After she saved Daddy she informed me that there was another innocent citizen that required her attention...

Uncle Craig! Daddy and Uncle Craig must have been at a baseball game, and in dire need to saving. Unfortunately, Abby was unable to find either before her super hero costume malfunctioned.

But don't you worry! Whenever you need extra cuteness in your life; Abby will be there! Whenever you need a shrill scream directly in your ear, or an elbow in your side; Abby will be there! Whenever you can't find your shoes or your purse; Abby will be there, wearing them!

No need to fear, Super Abby is here!

The Bike

Cousin Josh-e-wash has a fabulous bike. My children like watching video from Jenny's blog of Joshua riding his bike. Well, this past weekend, Isaac got to experience the thrill of Joshua's bike firsthand.
We all gathered in Murfreesboro to celebrate an early Easter, and the boys' birthdays. We also got to celebrate the wonderful weather we have been blessed with lately. Grammy and Papa Joe have a great backyard with lots of space, and an area that is perfect for riding bikes.

Every child who wanted a vehicle had one. Andy just wanted a hat. He found something to ride on later.

Isaac did get to ride on Joshua's bike. I could have sworn I took video of him riding, but my camera reached its capacity while I was filming, so I had to go inside and download everything before going back out. It probably got lost in the transition.
Anyhow, here are some pics of everyone having fun!

Big Wheels Isaac

I'm pretty sure Abby just wanted a chance to accessorize.

Race! Race!

Every grandchild, except Julia, had a turn getting to wear the helmet. It was a popular item.

I gotta admit, Isaac did really well on the bike! By the end of our time outside, he could start and stop the bike by himself, and could turn and not hit anyone. Joe and I are going to have to think about getting him one; as soon as we find a place to store it, and for him to be able to ride it.

Thanks Joshua for sharing your bike and helmet with us! We will have to do this again!

Early Easter

I'm doing these as separate posts, so I can separate the pictures a little bit.
On the same weekend we celebrated Isaac and Joshua's birthdays, we celebrated an early Easter! The Easter Bunny from last year was unavailable- she was in California. So, Aunt Jenny and I had to take her place. It worked out pretty well. Joanna will want me to point out that it did take 2 people to take her place.

Isaac did a great job finding his own eggs this year.

Abby was Miss Independent; as usual.

Andy needed prompting since he really just wanted to go to the gate and bark at the neighbor's dog. He did well when he got the hang of it.

One fabulous thing I can say about Joshua; he knows how to pose! We tried to get Isaac and Joshua to pose together, but I couldn't get a good pic. Better luck next time!

Julia and Andy understand that, it's not what's on the outside, but what's on the inside that counts! It was like magic. When we can inside, they all lined up and sat down to examine their prizes.

I like that we celebrated this part of Easter early. This way we can really focus on what Easter means, without having to explain that Jesus didn't look for chocolate eggs when He rose after 3 days.

Happy Early Easter everyone!

Happy Birthday Boys!

Last weekend, the children and I took a trip to Murfreesboro to visit family and... celebrate Isaac and Joshua's birthdays! The boys were born 6 weeks and 1 day apart, so we try to celebrate them together sometime in the middle.
Joe wasn't able to make it because of work. Aunt Boo and Uncle Kevin weren't able to make it because they were out of town. Losers.

Anyhoo, we had a good time anyway! We even had a special guest show up!

Fun cake for the boys. It took a lot of coaxing to get the boys to eat their lunches enough to earn a piece of cake.

This was taken after the song was sung. You can tell it was after the song because Abby was allowed to be in the shot. She didn't understand that it was not her birthday as well, since we sing 'Happy Birthday' to everyone when we are in the car.

After the song, when Abby was allowed back to the table, we sang the song again just for her. I didn't video that.

This is Abby enjoying HER cake. A little demonic looking.

To make up for the family members that could not show up, we brought in ..... Aunt Beth; of Uncle Craig and Aunt Beth!

She just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The kids were thrilled to see her and so were we! Her presence helped fill the void. We'll have to do this again!

A good time was had by all! Thanks Grammy Pat and Papa Joe!