Friday, November 13, 2009


I know this is almost a month late, but better late than never, right?

We celebrated this Halloween the same way we have for the past 2 (maybe 3?) years; with our neighbors Kayla and Travis. We have a cookout and give out candy while sitting in front of our fire pit. Well, we still had the cookout and fire pit, but we stayed on the porch since it decided to rain on and off all night.

Abby and Andy stayed in the pack-and-play on the porch while Isaac helped pass out candy.

Andy was Pooh and Abby was a pumpkin. I found the Tigger outfit a week too late. Oh well. They both stayed warm and played and slept the whole time.

Here is Abby with Uncle Travis. She likes showing off for him. :)

I am holding Andy. Notice how his pacifier matches his outfit? I totally worked that out.

Isaac really had a good time being our look-out. When kids started up our driveway, he would start yelling, "Here they come! Here they come!" and he would get candy ready to give them. We only had one incident when he decided to follow a kid dressed at Buzz Lightyear. Don't worry, he didn't get too far. :)

Isaac also loved the scary bowl of Joe's. He thought it was funny when the hand came down on his. One little girl trick-or-treater didn't feel the same way.
Here is a cute looking Andy just waiting for the fun to begin.
I hope the pictures were worth the wait!