Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Aunt Boo!!

I had to do some research for this post. I had lots of pictures from Grammy and Papa Joe's house, but I couldn't remember the reason we had gone to visit! Sooo, after some phone calls, I remembered that it was Aunt Boo's birthday party! (Joanna, you can't get upset that I couldn't remember- I called you and you couldn't remember either!)

Jenny and I did not plan on having the girl's match, but it was a cute coincidence!

At least they sat next to each other long enough to get some pics. It didn't last long.

Cute Aunt Boo and Cousin Joshua.

Andy and Julia played well together. I think Andy liked playing with someone who isn't as loud as his siblings.

I rwally love this pic of Abby and Grammy. (or Mimi, as Abby likes to call her) Abby asks to talk to Mimi and Papa Joe on the phone at least 3 times a week. I can imagine what her phone bill will be like when she is a teen.

The twins and I stayed the night instead of driving back. Here is a pic of Abby in a new outfit that Mimi and Aunt Boo found. She knows she's cute!

It was lots of fun, and Aunt Samantha got to come too! Unfortunately, I didn't get pics of Samantha, but Jenny did- so check out her blog for pics.

We love visitors!

We love when visitors come to play with us! Here are some people who have come to see us lately...

Some of our favorite visitors are our neighbors! This is Aunt Kiki and UncleTravis. Abby asks for Kiki at least twice a day. Kiki encourages Abby's girly nature by talking about things like shoes, purses, and shopping. (You know, things Mommy doesn't care about) It's a good thing Abby has such a good mentor!

Isaac likes Aunt Kiki too, but his favorite is Uncle Travis. Isaac gets very excited when he hears Travis' lawn mower; he goes to the window to watch. He also likes going next door to watch Travis play video games.
I couldn't get Andy to sit and smile, but we did try! Andy likes Kiki and Travis too. He likes anyone with a lap to sit on.

Uncle Craig came to visit us recently. He came to go with Isaac and Joe to a Braves game. (see the post below for details about the game- the one where Isaac got 2 balls)
Andy was the only one lucky enough to get a pic with Uncle Craig.

Also visiting with us is the famous European model, Isaac Benjamin. Notice his "haute couture" outfit. And his expert posing. He is touring America now, mostly baseball games. His poses are "Baseball chic".

Say "Cheese!"

It has become the new morning routine to go downstairs, eat breakfast, and take pictures. I left my camera on the table by the couch, so that is what Abby wants to play with. So, here are some cute pics of cute kids. Abby and Isaac love to pose; Andy, not so much, but I got some good ones anyway!

Cutie. She just sat down and said "Cheese!"

Isaac didn't want to be forgotten.

I was surprised I got this cute one of Andy. He never poses. This was a lucky shot!

The next day, Abby wanted to model again.
Isaac's new favorite book/ video is Chicka-Chicka- Boom-Boom. This is the coconut tree he made to go with the story.
This is Andy getting caught before he climbed up into the chair. He likes just sitting at the table. Notice he also has his Thomas train on the chair. I believe he "borrowed" it from Grammy and Papa Joe's house.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Big Weekend for Isaac

Hello Everyone out there. This is Isaac. I had a really big weekend and I wanted to tell you guys about it.

On Saturday, Mommy took me and Abby and Andy to Gommy Petty's house for a Happy Birthday Party for Gommy. That's Mommy's Grammy. Her Birthday is Tuesday. Daddy met us there and then we had dinner.

Saturday night, Daddy took me to a Nashville Sounds game. I like going there because they have a big guitar as the scoreboard. I tried to get a ball from the bullpen pitchers but they left me hanging.

It was a fun game but I did not like the fireworks at all. They were loud and chased us all the way back to the car. They were scary but Daddy kept telling me that it would be OK. I don't believe him.

We drove from Nashville to Ringgold were we were going to meet Uncle Craig at our house. We all went to sleep at 1:30 in the morning.

The next day we went to a Braves Game for Uncle Craig's birthday. The Braves were playing the Brewers. I love the Braves.

The coolest thing about this game was that during the game, the 3rd base Umpire (Daddy says his name is Angel Hernandez), called me out of the stands and gave me a ball.

Daddy and Uncle Craig were also really excited because Brian McCann hit a Grand Slam in the game. Daddy said he had never seen that before. Jason Heyward and Chipper Jones are my favorite players but I really like Brian McCann, too.

I also liked cheering for Bobby Cox as well.

But not only did I get one baseball, I got two. At the end of the game, Daddy took me down to the fence to see if any of the Milwaukee Brewers bullpen pitchers would give us a ball. But none of them had one. We were heading back to our seats and suddenly a Brewers coach appeared and asked me if I wanted a ball. Of Course I want a ball. Daddy and Uncle Craig could not figure out who he was only that his number was 55.
It was a fun long weekend.