Monday, March 31, 2008

The return of Spike

I bet you might not have noticed, but Spike has made a return. He laid low for a while, but he still has his moments. Unknowingly, Joe took Spike to the baseball game! He behaved just long enough for Joe to feel safe and secure then...

Bam! There it is. With an innocent look on his face, he's thinking, "I'm a good kid. You can trust me."

It just goes to show, male bonding isn't always safe. (But he did enjoy the game!)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Isaac's First MLB Game

Daddy has taken over again.
Today Isaac and I had a guy's day out. The Atlanta Braves were home to play their final exhibtion game of the season and I figured if Isaac was in a good mood this morning I would take him down to go to his first Big League game, even though really it did not count.
Checking the weather, it was raining in Chattanooga but Atlanta was supposed to be clear throughout the duration of the game. Unfortunately it rained. So Isaac did not get to enjoy a full game like he is used to.

Isaac has gotten to go to games in the past, here is a picture of him enjoying his first game.
Isaac was a real trooper at his first game. This one went 14 innings and he was laughing the entire time.
Of course he had his little buddy "Rookie" with him to keep him company when the going got tough.

But today was little different.

Today, I dressed Isaac for it to be a little chilly, but when we got to the ballpark it was pushing 80 degrees, so we shed his jacket. He slept for the trip down from Ringgold, but once we got his jacket off he was ready to go.

When we got into the gates and bought our tickets, there was a drum line playing, Isaac acted like he enjoyed it, but I think he was a little confused. You can almost hear him saying, "What is this rythmic beating I am hearing and why do my legs get the urge to move?"

Once the game started though, so did the rain and the wind. It quickly chilled down and I had to put Isaac's other jacket on. He did not complain at all. Isaac did seem to be mesmerized by the Jumbo-Tron in center field. Lucky for him, he got a chance to be on it during the game. Sorry no pictures of that. I was too busy making him dance and giggle. Here is a picture of him watching the big screen TV.

Later on though, the Braves started scoring he became more interested in the game. We had some really good seats and Isaac seemed to enjoy everybit of it. He did not have peanuts and cracker jacks but instead feasted on chicken fingers, fries and some hot dog.

Here are some more pictures of the game.

This is Isaac at the highest point in the stadium at the Sky Field Coke Zone.

Isaac is watching more of the game.

Isaac is really happy about the seats we got.
This is by far my favorite picture of the day. There is just something great about it.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Daddy's New Camera

Hello everyone out there. Joe has once again taken over the blog. HA! Isaac's daddy has gotten a new camera and he wanted to post some pictures of the little guy for all of you to see.

I guess we could call it a fashion show.
First up is Farmer Isaac. Here Isaac is sporting his overalls and is complimenting his outfit with none other than a John Deere tractor.

Next Isaac follows up with his Spring Gap Collection. Sporting white active shirt with Khakis. He is sure to turn the ladies heads with this one.

Next up is Isaac in some active wear. Here he is free to lift weights as he chooses.

Look for some more pictures tomorrow as Isaac gets a chance to go to his first Major League Stadium - Turner Field to watch the Atlanta Braves play the Cleveland Indians.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

1+1=2 much fun!!

Yeah, it's cheesy.

So, Isaac and his cousin Josh are 6 weeks apart in age, and Grammy Pat, in her infinate wisdom, decided to have a joint party for their first birthday. We had a lot of fun with family and friends.

The funny thing was that Isaac and Joshua didn't really pay much attention to each other. They did, however, pay attention to each other's toys.

Isaac loved his cake. I would even say that he is quite proficient in cake eating. I am getting more proficient in cake eating preparation, since I thought ahead to strip Isaac before we gave him the cake.

We were also excited to have our friends and their little girl, Maddy, at the party. She is the cutest little thing!

Isaac and Joshua are blessed with the greatest Gommy (great grandmother) in the world! She was the genius behind the balloons. The kids went gaga over the balloons! Great job Gommy!

All in all, it was a great party. Here are lots more pictures.

Aunt Boo and Uncle Kevin

Joe and Gommy Petty

Aunt Jenny and me

Aunt Sandy and Aunt Susie

Monday, March 24, 2008

He's a big kid now!

Just look at his hair for proof!

I never realized how much a hair cut would change his face! Isaac looks just like a big boy! He did have some problems with getting it cut, but Joe was a trooper and held Isaac the whole time. Isaac did pretty well until Joe asked for his head to be rinsed.

So... here are the before pictures. Look at all those precious curls!

Here are some 'during' pictures...

And here is the handsome boy now...

And the answer to your question is, yes. We did keep his curls, which I think is insane and slightly stalker-ish. The curls are going to grandmothers, and the next highest bidder. Place your orders now! Supplies are going fast!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Further Proof...

...that my kid is better than your kid. He puts himself to bed. Not only does he feed himself with a spoon and walk when assisted, but he also knows his schedule so well that he knows when to start climbing the stairs for his bath.
Before this he enjoyed playing with his new birthday toy from his Tia Leah. (Aunt Leah) I don't know what I ever did to her to make her hate me so much. (the toy is a lawn mower. A loud lawn mower) It is his new favorite toy, so I guess I can't complain. I think it might compete Baby Einstein for his affection. :)
In another display of genius, he is walking more and more. He still needs assistance, but he is good at just needing a finger or two to hold. This afternoon, I had to stay at school late for America Night at school. Isaac and I walked all around the building, and he even stood by himself for a good 20 seconds before he realized I was not holding him anymore!! Here he is with Daddy walking down the hall from the living room to the kitchen.

Note to parents of small children: Please don't let your children read this. I wouldn't want this to be part of their future therapy...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Abracadabra! Make magic pudding!

Isaac had his school birthday party on Wed. I was a horrible parent and did not bring cup cakes, or cake of any kind. Instead, the kids had cheese puffs, juice, and magic pudding. Magic pudding is regular pudding, but Ms. Joanna at the school makes it magically in a plastic container and the kids each get to shake it and say the magic words, "Abracadabra! Make magic pudding!" The kids had fun, and that is all that matters!

Isaac is working on his spoon technique. Even his doctor said how advanced he was for his age because he was using a spoon already. (with mom's supervision of course) Ms. Joanna gave Isaac his own plate with a dollip of pudding on it. He wouldn't eat it when she tried to feed it to him, but he would finger paint with it!

He was disgusting by the time the party was over.