Thursday, April 26, 2012

God's real name...

We've all heard that joke...
What's God's real name?
Andy! It's in the song.... Andy walks with me, Andy talks with me, Andy tells me I am his own!

Well, that is Andy's song obviously! We sing it every night before we go to bed. Of course, the others are jealous that God and Andy share a song, so we have to sing verses for them as well.

Here's Andy singing his song for everyone!

Of course Isaac had to share his song as well...

And Abby couldn't be left out...

And then, there's the real one...

Uncle JD, I thought you'd appreciate this post! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's about time, right?

I was a good Mommy and remembered to take pictures before they ruined their outfits. I was a bad Mommy because I got them as we were trying to get in the car for church. We might have been a little rushed.

 Isaac picked out the hat himself! I made sure they matched. :)

Abby's pretty Princess dress. We could only find one bow, but that was good enough for her! One of these days we'll figure out the hair thing.

Happy (belated) Easter!

Way to go, Aunt Boo!

Otherwise known as my little sis, Joanna.
As seen here with her favorite nephew, Andy!

Aunt Boo is an editor at the Upper Room, which is a Methodist publishing house in Nashville. Mostly they publish devotionals and prayer books, but this month they hit it big...Robin Roberts!!

Lucimarian Roberts and her daughter Robin worked together to write the story about Lucimarian's life. It's been published through the Upper Room and they hosted a Tea and signing party.

Do you see Aunt Boo? I'm so proud, I could burst!

And, the book was mentioned on Good Morning America. If you go to around minute 50, you'll see the mention. There's a clip of the Roberts' signing, and you can see Joanna's hand! Her hand is famous!

Well done, Boo! The Upper Room is lucky to have you!