Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Wright brothers have their best day EVER!

Aside from being born, the recently birthed Wright brothers experienced their best day ever yesterday!

Could it be because Benjamin is now off his feeding tube and has taken a bottle for over 24 hours now? Nope!

Could it be because they are both gaining weight like champs and are now both a little over 5 pounds? Nope!

It's because..... Auntie Jojo came to visit them! They are so lucky! Their day started out so average, so hum-drum, so unexciting. But when Auntie Jojo is in the room, it's a party!

I let him know that his adopted Grammy Pat was going to be watching. Ben is a hoot. Always moving, wanting to see what's going on. He also has monkey arms and long fingers. I have decided that he is going to be one of two things... a pitcher for the Braves, or a concert pianist.

I can hear Grammy Pat now, "Why can't he be both?" Well, I guess he can, but that's a lot of training time. And he has plenty of time to decide; we can wait till he's 3.

So, after bring cleaned up a bit, he got to eat first. He's a hard-core bottle drinker. He also has a slight drinking problem that hopefully won't carry on to adulthood.

He did ok in this position, but it wouldn't let him express himself as an individual.

"Um, Mom? It's about me now..." Lots of drooling and forgetting to breathe. (I can understand that. Breathing can be sooo difficult sometimes.) Don't worry, he always remembered after a second. Besides, I'm pretty sure he was doing it as an attention getter. :)

So, after a diaper change to wake the kid back up, Mom (Melissa, aka Aunt Kitty) thought he might do better sitting up. Surprise! He did! Melissa also gave him the job of holding his own spit-up cloth. As it turns out, that was all it took. He just wanted to have a more active role in this "eating" business! And, he's already following directions! That bodes well for later!

So, what was brother doing during all this excitement?

Well, to be fair, it wasn't his feeding time yet, so he had no reason to be entertaining. When the clock hit 8:00pm he woke up ready to go! Which was good timing because Benny had just finished and was ready to have a chat with Auntie Jojo.

We discussed all the important topics; world trade, religion, pop culture, future friends in the neighborhood, the female population available to them...the good stuff.

Then it was Matt's turn to be impressive.

One thing you need to know about Matt, he's an opportunist. He knows he's got a good thing going. Sleep all day, flirt with hot nurses, new rotations of cute girl babies almost every day, food on demand... it's a baby's dream! Basically, he doesn't see the need to get gung-ho with the bottle just yet.

He'll get it eventually when Ben gets to go home to play with his furry brothers. (Racer, Bender and Jasper; cats for those of you who don't know) But, for now he's a happy camper.

Melissa tried bribery, but he might have to be older for it to work. He did do well, and he tried hard. After I turned off the camera he cheesed big time, the punk.

With Matt being the shorter and rounder of the two, and with his facial expressions and impeccable timing, I see him as a future politician or a cattle rancher. I think he would be too cute with a cowboy hat! And I can see him giving important speeches that would save the world. (like enacting President Bartlett's secret plan to fight inflation!) :)

With Matt taking all of Mommy and Aunt Jojo's attention, Ben decided it was his turn to take a break.

I have a feeling this one is just like Abby. The only time he's not moving is when he's sleeping.

Eating turned out to be too tiring for little Matty. He finished his bottle through his tube and went back to sleep.

Thus concluded their best day ever. I like to think this day will stay in their memory for years to come. And if it doesn't, at least I can show them this blog.

Keep growing little guys!


Pat said...

Papa Joe and I are so proud of these two handsome babies! They have really filled out since the last time we saw them, and I see someone issued them their personality kits early (cannot be acquired at Babies R Us!!!!!)!

Keep up the good work Melissa and John (and Auntie Jojo)!

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

Oh! They have to be the cutest little boys ever! I just loved how wiggly Ben was. It looked like Melissa had Matt excited about ice cream. What a sweet smile! Give them lots of kissed next time you see them!

John Wright said...!!

Melissa said...

Oops, John didn't log out. It was Melissa.