Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's time for Delk Summer School to resume for the summer of 2012! I know you're excited!

First we started with a search of Pinterest to find some inspiration. Then we took a trip to the Dollar Store and to Walmart. For the most part, it promises to be a colorful summer. Lots of food coloring. Let's get started!

Science- making solutions/ color creating
Skill- patterns/ sorting/ hand-eye coordination
Pinterest link- {HERE}
Title- Coloring pasta made easy!
What we used:
Pasta (1 cup per bag)
rubbing alcohol (2 tbs per bag)
food coloring (3-4 drops per bag)
sandwich bags (1 bag per color)
measuring cup/ spoon
cookie sheet to dry pasta

At the Dollar Store I found these precious aprons for the kiddos. 

 I also grabbed a cheap plastic tablecloth. After this activity, I will be investing in a $3.88 one from Walmart. My kids need things to be sturdy. 

 All ready to go! Andy had to be convinced that this was going to be fun. We had to pry him away from all of his cars. 

Step 1: Mix 2tbs rubbing alcohol and 3-4 drops food coloring into baggies.

 Abby chose pink.

Isaac chose blue.

Andy chose yellow.

Step 2: Add 1 cup of pasta into the baggies and shake baggies to coat all the pasta.

 Abby's did turn pink, but Isaac's blue was more green. Isaac told me, "Mommy the noodles are yellow and yellow and blue is green." Well, I'm glad he wasn't depressed!

Step 3: Spread the pasta out on a cookie sheet for it to dry. I might have confiscated some of Joe's gardening trays for this. But I covered them in aluminum foil so he'll never know!

Step 4- Let them dry! The blog I used said it can dry in an hour, but she left hers overnight. I let it dry while we played some more then ate lunch.

 We aren't going to use these today, but tomorrow we will look at patterns. This can also be used for coloring rice. That would be lots of fun... for another day!

What were we doing while the pasta was drying? Making a mess! I talked to Aunt Jenny before starting this activity and she mentioned letting her kids color some pasta she had and creating some fancy jewelry. Great idea!

I had some pasta left over from the school year. My students created some jewelry for our Kwanza celebration. Basically, I've had a box of extra pasta sitting in my trunk since before Christmas.

 Hard at work! Isaac's counting his first. 

 Pipe cleaners. Bought last year and left untouched until today!

 Isaac took turns putting noodles on one side then the other. Andy made a 'train' out of his noodles.

Finished products! Isaac stopped at making a necklace. Abby and Andy wanted bracelets as well.

Notice how Abby only used pinks for her bracelet.

That would be marker above her lip.

The best part about the necklaces and bracelets- they gave my kids superpowers that turned them into dancing machines! Click {HERE} or watch it below. That's Veggie Tales in the background.

After this was lunch, then NAP! Check back again soon- we're sure to be up to something!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

From Little Boy to Little Man

My Ike is growing up! His Pre-K graduation was this past Thursday and there was a little program for the parents and grandparents.Aunt Kitty and I went early to help Ms. Cheri set up for the reception afterward.

Here's Isaac's beach scene that Ms. Cheri asked everyone to create. They studied the beach environment this week.

Here I am reading a book to the class while we wait for the parents to show up. The kids were wonderful!

Isaac is just waiting to start the show! I thought I had a good seat, but I spent most of the time trying to get video around Ms. Cheri's arm. Oh well. Enjoy the videos!

Good Morning to you! 
Notice the kid didn't come to see me at all. Ms. Cheri told me that they had practiced walking around the room, so he was just doing what he knew to do!

This next video is the Number Rock!

I'm a Little Teapot!


Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Showing off Skills!

I am so proud of all that Isaac has accomplished this year! It's almost hard to believe that at the beginning of the year, Isaac was crying and hiding in the bathroom during clean-up times. He's matured a lot!

 Thank you, Ms. Cheri!

Isaac with Aunt Kitty

Isaac with his proud Mommy
(This was before I got my hair chopped off!)

Isaac got to spend the rest of the day with Kitty and I. We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch- so Isaac could get his bacon and biscuits. Then we went to the mall where I got my hair cut and Isaac got to play in the play land. After l-o-n-g naps, we went to get brother and sister. It was a full day of fun!

I'm so proud of my baby!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Summer Miracle!

It doesn't have to be Christmas time for miracles to occur! Joe was in the garden a few days ago and he brought in a head of broccoli.

Well, today 2 of my children requested some broccoli. Abby and.... ISAAC.
That's right. You read that correctly. My first born who hates all things vegetable, will pitch a fit when asked to eat foods other than chicken nuggets, requested and ATE broccoli with ranch dressing.

And I have proof.

Of course, with Isaac I had to pretend that it wasn't the biggest deal since the US bought Alaska. I kept it cool, patted him on the back, and let him eat his broccoli. :)

So, on this day in 2012, I would like to thank God for this miracle. And for ranch dressing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Silly Saturday

It was just a normal Saturday. Joe had to go in to work (unexpected) and Mommy was lucky enough to find a Glee Marathon in progress. The twins came downstairs when they heard the groovy beat.

They've got the beat! It's a shame they don't have any finesse. We'll work on it.

When Daddy came home, it was playtime.

 I see London, I see France!

 My turn! Me! Me!

Yep, just a normal day at with the Delks.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Play ball!

Isaac started talking about baseball a little too late for T-ball sign ups, but that won't stop him from playing in the yard! Even with Joe's garden, there is still a little room for some sports.

Here are just a few videos from today. Joe and the kids were in the garden. Abby picked some broccoli, Andy had a strawberry yesterday. Isaac couldn't care less unless he is trying to earn some chore money.

Andy's video

Abby's video

Isaac's video