Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 9- Dr. Tyner comes for a visit

Dr. Beverly Tyner is a reading specialist that gets paid $1,500 just for entering my school building. She specializes in small group reading strategies for grades K-3. She is a lovely woman who deeply cares for students and their learning, while also managing to look out for over-worked teachers. I adore her.

So, who would be better for my youngster here at home, than Dr. Tyner? I have had Tyner's instruction crammed down my thr... um... guiding my small group reading time for 7 years now. I've created a 3 in. binder for each of her reading stages; there are 6. I have color coded, laminated, copied, cut, and created all of the manipulatives she had provided and recommended. I know this woman's work. I also have it saved on my flash drive since most of that work had to be done at home.

It's a good thing I have it here at my disposal since today I decided to test my child to see where his reading level lies. I am pleased to report, he ranks between a Fledgling and Beginning reader. (Level 1 and 2) What does that mean? He knows some sight words, but not all; but he also has the skills to start sounding out word families.

Today we tested over sight words, and worked on Emergent Readers cut-up sentences.

This chart has the 100 most frequent words in children's reading. There are words on the back as well. You can kind-of see that some of the words have stickers next to them. Those are the words he could read without prompting. These are not the Dolch words that you can find here...
Most people know of the Dolch sight word list. There are similarities. Flash cards will be made of the words he did not know and we will go over them a small group at a time.

Next we went over the cut-up sentences. He recognized some of the words, and noticed the repetition of the first set of sentences. Repetition helps a lot for kids his age. I did make sure to color code things so he knew which words went to which sentences. We will keep working on those as well. :)

Abby and Andy, not to be left out, worked on spelling their names. A combination of letter identification and matching. And I had extra scrap book paper that needed to be used. Isaac had to get in on the action too of course.

The best part was they were so happy with this game, they played while I could get lunch ready.

Now, you know me. I'm not going to let Isaac get away with merely doing the same thing as the twins. We pushed it one step further. I took away the paper that had his name on it and he had to form his name by himself. It took him 3 tries. That surprised me a little since he has recognized his name in written form for over 2 years now.

Well, only a few days left of Delk summer school. Sigh. Then we'll see just how advanced Isaac is in Pre-K. His school starts in Sept. but I am going back next Monday so he will have a month of daycare before "school" starts.


Pat said...

Good for Andy and Abby putting together their name puzzles!

Isaac continues to amaze! Doesn't it surprise you when you realize they WERE listening and watching all along?

Grammy Pat

Joe and Jocelyn said...

I thought it was funny that my friend who is on charge of a Pre-K program in Chatt. told me that she was having her students do the same thing on the first day of school. It's good to know that Abby and Andy are up there with 4 year olds.

Jenny said...

So impressed with all the summer school stuff! You're my hero!