Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

At least this time they closed the schools instead of just sending us home early! We Delks have been homebound for 3 days. The snow started on Tuesday and ended last last night/ this morning.

Pictures from Tuesday's snow:

Not a lot of snow, just enough to freak everyone out and close school. Then we get this:

This is a picture of Joe's garden beds in the backyard. Completely covered.

I took the kids outside in the front yard in the hopes of getting them to build a snowman, but instead Abby decides to take a face-plant right off.

I didn't bring out a ruler or anything, but the snow was up to their knees. It reminded me of when I was the twins' age and lived in Japan. I know Japan got more snow than this, but I remember trying to walk through it and face-planting quite often.

We had a lot of fun! It is supposed to get up to 40 degrees, so we will wait and see about going to school tomorrow. Just in time for Valentines Day parties and a full moon. Oh joy.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Daddy/ Daughter Date Night

Tonight Joe is taking Abby to the happiest place on earth for little girls... the Monster Truck Show.

Last year he took the boys and he offered to take them again this year. The boys turned him down saying that it was too loud last year. Apparently those were the magic words for Abby.Someplace loud with lots of boys? That's right up her alley! :)