Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 8- Revisiting the ABCs

We got the ABC picture charts back out today. I decided that Isaac was the only one that really needed to be working on it. He is the one that knows his letters and letter sounds, so he got the chart.

But never fear! The twins were not left out! Each of them got a piece of construction paper and a stack of pictures. They didn't have to tell me the beginning sound of the pictures, but they did have to identify the picture before I let them glue it to their page.

Since no one was having to wait a long time for their turn, we got to work for a lot longer than we did previously. Andy enjoyed himself and didn't drop out as early as he usually does. These kids love to glue!

Abby working on her pretty yellow paper. She was picky about what pictures she allowed on her page. Only the pretty pictures for Abby!

Andy on his black paper. He was funny to watch. As I gave him more pictures, he focused more on making sure there were no holes between pictures than on identifying the pictures. No blank space for Andy!

Isaac did a great job! He didn't get tired of it and was interesting in his naming of the pictures. In some cases he didn't choose the picture I cut out, he turned the picture over and used what was on the back.

After a while he started to notice that some pictures were similar (snowy day, snowman, snowflakes) and he automatically went to the page that matched the pictures. Connections!

Believe it or not, we still have lots more pictures to go! Here are the not-so-finished products!

After they got tired gluing, we got out the picture cards and working on making sentences. They identified the picture and had to tell me about it, then we would make a complete sentence with what they told me and they had to repeat the sentence. Here's how they did..

Isaac- Fabulous! He was able to tell me animal sounds, where we could find different objects and animals in the house, or in the outdoors. The biggest problem we found was his constant use of the work 'on' instead of 'in'. Example: The horse was on the barn. We worked on that a lot. But I was very impressed!

Abby- She didn't want to stop with a sentence. Surprise, surprise. "I see the tree in the grass. A bird is in the tree too! Do you see it, Mommy? Look, it's out there!" I see a lot of creative writing in her future.

Andy- picture identification- check! Sentence repeating-nope! However, he did repeat the beat I used with the sentences I made. I used rhythms when I said the sentences to help them find a 'flow' for when they repeated it. Example: The cat... is on... the mat. (tap with the words) Andy might not have said the sentence, but he got his taps!

All in all; today was a success!

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Pat said...

Sounds like a good day at Delk School! I love how their personalities emerge with each different activity! You are doing such good work, Ms. Delk!!!!