Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 7- Twinkle-Twinkle

More reading and writing. Today we worked on Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star. Abby joined in. Andy wanted to work on his letters with the Leap Frog letter thingy. In the video you can hear it in the background.

Color coded and ready to go!

Abby placing the word 'I'.

Isaac placing the word 'wonder'.

Isaac impressed me with this deductive reasoning skills during this activity. At one point Abby had the word 'sky' and she wanted to put it on 'star'. Isaac told her, "No Abby! That's too little!" He recognized that the card was too small to be the word star! Also, he knows how to read the word star so he knew it wasn't right. I was impressed that he used a reason that Abby could understand. Abby might not know her letters, but she understands the concepts of big and small.

Here is the finished product, with some extra sounds added in for good measure. :)

After the singing, we moved on to 3-letter words for Isaac. We stared his chart on the first day then never returned to it; which is a no-no in a teacher's book. (we should have returned to it within 2 days, oh well) We returned to it today and he did really well! His words from today are in blue.

As you can see, we added: dog, fox, hat, saw, hen, zoo, jet, pie, and pig. I had him correct his 'w' in saw, but I did not have him fix his 'e' in hen or his 'z' in zoo. Mostly I didn't worry about those because I've seen him write them properly before.

By this time Andy had finished with letters and had moved on to coloring. Abby took the letters and had fun.

By the end of school the boys were sent upstairs for time-out for chewing on their markers.

Abby wanted to share her knowledge of the alphabet so I got video. This blog won't let me do lots of video on one post, so I let her be special and have her own post.

(see the video in the next post- General Abby)


Pat said...

I love Isaac's word list! And I'm very impressed with his handwriting!

Grammy Pat

Tracy said...

How sweet! You guys are rock'n out the summer!