Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fun with car seats

For a while now, the twins' car seats have been sitting in the entryway of our house. The twins are now in booster seats and we have no clue what to do with the very nice car seats besides use them as welcoming ornaments.

The kids decided use them in their playtime. Here they have created 'tents'. (that's what they called them)

Complete with blankets for comfort. 

Then we had a visit from Aunt Kitty who had a wonderful idea- instant movie theater! So, we set them up with a sheet underneath (to catch any crumbs) and prepared for lunch and a show.

 Chillin' with their drinks

Eating their lunch and enjoying a Veggie Tales

Great idea, Kitty! 
They stayed in their seats during the whole movie. They have since turned their seats into race cars, trains, beds, and rescue situations. (2 of them lock themselves in and the last person has to "save" them.)

They will have to enjoy it while it lasts, the car seats are going to Aunt Boo's friend this weekend!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Wright brothers are 1!!

You might remember from a {PREVIOUS POST} that the Wright brothers are our friends and neighbors in our neighborhood. They are Aunt Kitty and Apple John's twin boys.

They were born at 32 weeks, spent a while in the NICU, and had one doozy of a year at home. But, to look at them now, you'd never know they were premies. For example- they are wearing 18 month clothes. Here's a quick look at then and now.

Matt just born

Matt now! (with his Nana)

Ben just born

Ben now! (with Aunt Kitty)

Ben was the second born, but he is first in gaining teeth (he has 5, and Matt has 0) and he got the first haircut. Matt has curls and doesn't need one yet.

Here are some pics from their birthday party, which was last weekend at the church.

I don't know why I didn't get a pic of Andy. I suck.

Here's a cute one of the Wright bros as Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Dr. Seuss week, and one in their new wagon.

Happy birthday, Wright brothers! Here's to many more years yet to come!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let me entertain you!

Let me make you smile!
Now, not to name names, but I have in my house a little diva that just loves to entertain everyone.  She always has something to say, a look to share, or a song to sing.

In this case, she has a song... just for you! They must sing it at church. It's very cute! (notice how she doesn't like to share the limelight. Very diva-ish!)

God took care of me!

Not to be out done, Andy had to share too!

12 months are in a year!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fun in the Sun

NOT! It it too dang hot!

So, what are we to do inside? Pillow obstacle course! Take those cushions off the couch and jump, baby!

You know you're jealous.

Then, after cushions got boring, we built a tent. (not in the same day. That would have been overkill.)

Painting fun

Basically, we've been going stir crazy. We do try to go outside for a little each day, while staying hydrated. And they all love going outside with Daddy when he gets home.

This week they have all been learning how to shuck, boil, blanche, and freeze corn. We also have a bumper crop of okra and the tomatoes are rolling in!

Unfortunately, Joe's worm farm died out due to the high temps. (and the fact that I forgot to bring them inside) Never fear! Joe bought new ones. They were delivered today. I can barely contain myself.


When grammy and Pa Joe came to visit, the original plan was to visit the Aquarium and take a walking tour of downtown Chatt. However, the heat nixed that idea. Grammy Pat had a better idea- swimming! So, we packed up out swimsuits and floaties and drove to their hotel.

 Isaac had a blast jumping into the pool! I was impressed with his bravery!

 Abby loved "swimming" with anyone who would take her around the pool. 

Andy jumping into the pool

Abby's turn!

After swimming, Daddy had to go home to get clothes, so we got to hang out in Grammy and Pa Joe's room!

Had some trouble keeping the kiddos awake so they wouldn't spoil their nap times later. 

During their nap time (at home) Grammy and I escaped to the outlet stores in Dalton to have a birthday shopping trip! Loved it!

Thank you, Grammy and Pa Joe! Come again soon!

Garden visit and First Fruits

This post is a long time coming!
Grammy and Pa Joe came to visit for my birthday a few weekends ago. Of course, they wanted to see the famous garden! And they had some cute tour guides.

 Andy had a Field of Dreams moment. 

 Abby... doing something. Being cute, I guess. 

Joe showing off the fruits of his labor. 

Abby showing off her sunflower. 

Here is a picture of Abby with some veggies fresh from the garden!

Joe made 3 batches of jalapeno/ cayenne pepper/ garlic pickled okra using veggies straight from his garden! The only things not from the garden were the vinegar and the salt. Too cool!

School Pictures

I'm late in getting them on here, but here are the pictures from the daycare's picture day! I don't know what they do to make the kids behave and smile, but they do great work!

Next year Ike won't be in the pictures! :(
but they sure are cute!