Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day dinner

It was really on Sunday, but we won't split hairs. We all gathered at Grammy Pat and Grandpa Joe's for dinner. We were able to visit before dinner and we had a good time. Grammy promised double dessert to the one who could get a good picture of the boys together, and Aunt Jenny won. She got wonderful pictures of the boys and I was impressed that she got them to sit as long as they did.

Isaac and Cousin Joshua. It still amazes me how much they don't look alike.

Isaac is a little confused here, but all is still going well.

Here is Grammy Pat with the boys. I think this picture is adorable!
Last, but not least, is Aunt Boo with the boys. Love the haircut, Boo!

Also, for all those who follow the blog, New Baby Delk is due Dec.30. They were not able to do an ultrasound for the heartbeat on Friday, but they will the next visit. Personally, I am just excited about getting the tax cut for this unexpected blessing. We'll keep everyone posted!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Washington Nationals Park - May 5th

On Monday, prior to touring the National Mall, Isaac and I toured something else. We took the subway to Nationals Park. We toured the stadium and got to see a lot of amazing things in the stadium. One thing that I wish we could have done was to throw a ball of the bullpen mound, but unfortunately, some of the players came out and started warming up so we could not.

Washington Nationals Park was designed by HOK and was built in a short 22-month period which is amazing considered this was done in a metro area. Below is a good view of the field.

As part of the tour we got to go to places that normal public does not get to go. One such place we went to was the Jefferson presidential suite. Below is Isaac sitting in a $14,000 dollar seat (per season). I don't think the view is worth the price tag but it is pretty neat.

Once we left the presidential suites we made our way up to the PNC Diamond Club level seats. Isaac really liked the view from up here.

One thing I really like about the tours is the ability to go to the press box. Here is the print press box where all the beat writers for newspapers gather. One thing that was neat about this was that it was named the Shirley Povich press box. Shirley was the only beat writer who watched Lou Gehrig's continous game streak end and also watch Cal Ripken break it. That is some career.

Isaac's Uncle Craig would appreciate this picture. Here Isaac is prepping a story on the Washington Nationals. Maybe he has a future in print journalism like his uncle.

Os course the big thing was to visit the dug out. Here is a pic of Isaac and daddy looking out across the field.

Here Isaac is ready to get into the game. "Put me in coach. I am ready to play!"

Here, Isaac is getting all the benefits of his "cup of coffee" with the big club.

"Where did I put my bat. Coach has asked me to go in and pinch hit."

Well after a long game it is time to head to the clubhouse and hit the showers. Whew! What a day.

Mr. Isaac and the beach

Well part of Isaac's first big baseball road trip took us to Myrtle Beach, SC. The game was an early one which started at 10:35 AM, so once the game was over we headed over to the beach. (Our hotel was a block off the beach.)
Isaac was pretty impressed with the ocean. He did not know really what to think of it at first.
But soon he became really curious about the sea gulls.
But like most things he soon became bored with them and began looking around on the beach to see what he could find.
Isaac found plenty of sea shells and small pieces to pick up and really seemed to enjoy playing in the sand. Dad did not care for this too much as Isaac proceed to get himself extremely dirty with sand going in places it should not go.
After awhile though, Isaac informed me it was time to go.
With a longing look, Isaac said good bye to the beach and we headed back to the hotel.
It is kinda funny that when we got back to the hotel I put Isaac, clothes and all, in the tub to get the sand off him. He did not like this one bit and screamed like crazy.
The next day, since we only had a three hour drive to the next city. I took Isaac back to the beach and put him in trunks and little swimmers so he could enjoy the beach some more. I took him down to where the waves come in and he hated it. I guess the water was too cold.
Needless to say, there are no pictures of this.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Mr. Isaac Goes to Washington

Well Isaac and I are now home. Jocelyn had need of the computer so we had to cut our trip short by day. Upon returning home, Jocelyn informed me that she has received many complaints about no "Mr. Isaac Goes to Washington" pics. So without further delay, here is Mr. Isaac going to Washington.

We had to ride the subway in because it was easier and cheaper. I am not sure exactly what Isaac thought of the subway. He just did a lot of people watching while riding it and looking around.

Our first stop was the Washington Nationals ballpark, but I will post pictures of that later. After we left there we went to the National Mall and got some shots of the monuments. Isaac was really impressed with the Washington Monument.

He just could not say enough about how impressive it was. And the fact that he needed to hydrate after all the walking that Daddy did pushing him around.

But eventually he soon became bored of it and wanted to see something else.

So daddy pushed him over to the Lincoln Memorial.

Once inside, Isaac kept talking to whomever would listen. You would even say that he was reciting the Gettysburg address which is carved on the wall to the right of the Lincoln statue. But he soon became bored with this as well.

Isaac was looking for something with a little more prestige. Something that represented power. He took one look at the White House and decided that was the place. He even stuck his head in between the bars and said in 44 more years he would be there. Already, the political calculations were working.

However, I did want Isaac to understand the sacrifice that was made for him to live in a country as great as this and understand that many people laid the ultimate sacrifice for this. So, we visited the Vietnam Memorial to let him get in touch with his past. Here Isaac is touching the name of his Great Grandfather. Panel 32E, Line 57.

I just think the last picture says it all.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Baseball Trip - Day 3 Potomas Nationals

Well Day 3 of the trip has come and gone. Isaac and I went to Pfizer Stadium today to see the Potomac Nats take on the Frederick Keys.

This stadium, well let's just say it is special. We bought tickets for Section B which are the box seats that are located above the field. There were people sitting in our seats and it was almost impossible to park Isaac's stroller in there so we ended up sitting in the cheap seats behind the Frederick Keys bullpen. This proved pretty smart because it gave Isaac a chance to walk around and he got another ball. That's 3-for-3. Below are a couple shots of the stadium for Uncle Craig to see.
A major highlight for Isaac was to meet "Uncle Slam", the Potomac mascot. The first time around, Isaac seemed more interested in the game than on what was going on behind him.
Later on though he was very friendly with him. I set Isaac down to let him walk some and he walked directly to Uncle Slam. It was pretty cute. Grandma Pat, this might make for a good desktop picture.
Luckliy, Uncle Slam thought it was cute as well.
This is the cute picture. I think I ought to send in to Potomac and see if they would like to use it.
Well tomorrow we are off to see some more baseball. Isaac and I will tour Nationals Park. One part of the tour is to throw a baseball off the bullpen mound. I can't wait to get that picture of Isaac. Also, we are going to tour the National Mall....check back in as Mr. Isaac Goes to Washington.
In closing here is a final shot of Potomac Nationals Pfizer Stadium.

Lynchburg Hillcats - May 3, 2008

Isaac and Joe went to the Lynchburg Hillcats tonight and he really enjoyed the game. Joe on the other hand felt there were too many young kids running around and getting in the way.

Below is a shot of the stadium. Lynchburg City did some upgrades to it a few years ago. It is a pretty nice stadium. The crowd was pretty strong for a High A team as well.

Isaac did however, keep the streak alive by getting a ball during the game. That's is 2-for-2 so far. Let's see if he can keep it going. Below is a shot of Isaac and his bat from the Hillcats. He definitely loves his bats. He now has 3 from this trip.

Isaac also got to meet Southpaw. He really seemed to like him.

Isaac also got to enjoy his share of baseball park food. Here is munching down on some fries while watching the game.

I included the picture below because Spike almost made an appearance during the game. Luckliy, Isaac was able to work the mechanics of the "passy" out before he showed up.

Appomattox Court House Visit

On May 3, 2008, Isaac got to go back in the nation's history and visit the historic Appomattox Court House site. Issac got to walk the same grounds that Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant walked when they met to end the Civil War of the United States.

Below is a shot of the Appomattox Court House. This was the focus of attention following the surrender on April 9, 1965.

Below is a shot of the house where the surrender took place. The MacLean house was taken apart following the Civil War and was to be reassembled in Washington but it never left this site and was put back together in the 1940's as it was on the day the Civil War ended.

Below is Isaac visiting the room where the war ended. In the background is the table where Grant wrote up the terms of surrendered and the white marble table on which Lee approved them. I was a bit shocked at how small the room was. I had always seen the famous painting that was in history books but it was not the same.

Isaac eventually became bored with all this historical stuff. Maybe eventually when he gets in middle school he will appreciate more the magnitude of where he was. Instead, for the moment, Isaac liked being outdoors and playing in the grass.

Well we have to continue our trip so I guess we better hit the road. Isaac, you might want to go in the car it will be faster that way.

Check back in soon and the Lynchburg Hillcats pictures will be added.