Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Happy Delk Christmas

We celebrated Christmas on Saturday with the Delk clan. Isaac entertained everyone with his impressive screaming skills and said, "Grammy," and "Papa" for the first time! The twins couldn't have cared less- they slept most of the day. I had every intention of putting Isaac in another Christmas sweater, but it was not to be. The twins got to wear their Christmas sleepers that they got from Aunt Kayla. (our next door neighbor)

We put the hat on Abby so everyone would be able to tell them apart.

Here is Cousin HA with Andy.

Here is Aunt Beth with Abby. Abby is being her usual 'Diva' self- refusing to show her face to the camera.

Here is Uncle JD with Andy. JD also got Isaac some new additions to his train set. Isaac decided to sleep with his Gordon train (which he got from Uncle JD) that night.

Here is Grammy and Papa with the twins. (Andy is now wearing the hat)

Since the Delk clan was all here, I made sure to get pictures of everyone to go into the kids' "Who Loves Baby" book. It was looking pretty pathetic with only a picture of Aunt Boo in it.

Uncle JD

Uncle Craig and Aunt Beth with their bundles of joy. (Starbucks coffee)

Joe and I
The Delk boys

It was a very successful Christmas for all those under the age of 2. Isaac and the twins made out like bandits with toys, clothes and diapers. I think Isaac had the best time because he got to go around and help people open presents when he was done opening his. :)


We had a very small Christmas on Thursday. We decided to put the tree up Wednesday night so Isaac would be surprised by it in the morning.

Here is Isaac walking to the living room in his festive Christmas sweater. (Thanks Aunt Jenny!)

"Wow!!" exclaimed Isaac. He was very impressed.

Here he is with Percy. He played with Percy for a while until we showed him that he had more presents.

Here he is unwrapping his track set. It came with a Thomas train- which he loved.
He started playing immediately. He didn't get up until it was time for lunch. (Chinese food- it is our new holiday tradition.)
After lunch Isaac had to change his clothes because his sweater was covered in rice. Isaac was content to play with his trains the rest of the afternoon. Joe and I were content to let him. :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Gang's All Here

Last weekend the Delk house was bombarded with relatives to see the twins and Isaac. We had Grammy Pat and Grandpa Joe, Aunt Jenny, and Aunt Boo and Uncle Kevin. Fun was had by all, and we have pictures to prove it! (Aunt Jenny- I need some pictures from you to prove that you were here!)

Isaac loved helping Grandpa Joe on the computer! Grandpa Joe was nice enough to find a Thomas the Train website for them to browse.

Aunt Boo and Uncle Kevin held the babies- as long as they weren't crying or dirty. The highlight of my day was when Abby pooped (in her diaper) while being held by Joanna. Joanna's face was priceless!

After a while, Joanna decided that babies were no longer entertaining so she decided to look throught the Christmas catalogs.

Isaac enjoyed having everyone come to visit him! Here he is with Grammy Pat.

The twins had so much fun they could hardly stand it.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good times

The twins seem to enjoy being on the outside- where they can move to their hearts' content. Both of them will be early rollers, since they already know how to roll themselves to their sides.
Here they are singing during one of their sun trestments. They actually know how to scream in harmony. :)
Here they are during one of their naps. They just love being close.
This is the greatest picture! They were awake at the same time, and they were looking at each other! I think it looks like Andy just told Abby a joke and she thought it was hilarious.
Everyone has been wondering how Isaac is doing with the babies. Honestly, he doesn't give them much thought. He says, "Hi!" to them and will give them a high-five, but other than that, he ignores them. I think he feels secure that mommy and daddy still love him. Here is Joe holding Isaac and Andy.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Coming Home

I finally figured out how to download pictures from Joe's camera! So, now I can finally show everyone how cute the twins were when they came home from the hospital. We can thank Aunt Jenny for the cute outfits!
Here is the Diva wearing her pink jogging suit. Too cute! Who knew they made jogging suits so small?
Here is Hoss wearing a nice two piece outfit. It is size premie, and he already fills it out. I figure premie size will fit him for about another week.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

One week old

Since Joe has been negligent in posting pictures of the twins, the task falls to me.

The twins are officially a weeks old! They are both happy and healthy. We were a little worried about Andy and his possibly having jaundice, but everything came out OK.
Here they are taking their morning nap. Abby is on the left, and Andy on the right. They like to be swaddled. Isaac would scream when we tried to swaddle him, so this is a nice change.

Here is Abigail "Diva" Grace. She lives up to her nickname. She is a total priss. (kind of like her Aunt Boo, but smaller) She can't stand to be in a diaper that is even a hint wet or dirty. She must be held if she is awake, so she can make sure she is getting attention. She is a doll, and we love her lots!

This is Andrew Joseph, "The Hoss". He was 7 pounds 2 ounces when he was born, and he impressed the doctors. I heard one say, "Wow, he's a big one!" He is completely laid back. He likes to sleep; much like his mama, and he takes his time when it comes to eating; much like his Grammy Pat. He can throw a tantrum if necessary, but his are few and far between. We love him lots too!
We'll post more pictures soon!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

We're home!!

Well it turns out I was more wrong than right when it came to posting some more pictures. We had a bit of a scare with Andy that delayed us some and we had more thoughts on that than getting more pictures out there.

Andy had 2 "blue-spells." The doctors were worried that he might have pneumonia or under-developed lungs. They told us last night that they were going to monitor him and if he had anymore that he was going to be admitted to NICU. Praise God he did not and we got to come home today.

Just to remain on the cautious side, Andy is going to wear a monitor for the first 2 weeks he is home. We think it will not be a big deal but we will see.

Thanks to Aunt Jenny for the cute little outfits they got to ride home in.

We are now home and they are asleep so we will have some pictures tomorrow.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Abby and Andy update

Hello everyone out there. Just a quick update. Andy and Abby are doing well. Andy is having a little more issues than Abby with fluid still in his stomach and a blocked tear duct. Not mention that he got a little cut off the top today.

I will give out some pictures here in a little bit once I sort through them and shrink them down a bit.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

They are here!!!!

Hello everyone out there. I just wanted to introduce the next additions to the Delk household: Abigail Grace and Andrew Joseph were born on December 3, 2008. Abby came first and Andy is the baby.

Andy weighed 7 lbs 1.8 oz
Abby weighed 5lbs 15.1 oz.
Here is Andy and Abby taking a nap after all the fun.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Isaac's New Career

Hello everyone again. Isaac here. With the budget cuts going on in the Delk household, I have decided to help the family out by starting a career. Dad had a serious talk with me about pulling my own weight and helping out with the family expenses.

Needless to say, but this news took me by surprise. I was very shocked. I decided to think really hard at what I might be good at. Since I see that commercial on TV alot of the baby doing E-Trade, I figured I would do some day trading to see if I could get some cash flow going.

I made sure Dad wasn't looking so I could take some of his cash for some start up capital. Of course, he wasn't, so I took $1000 to get started.
I turned on the TV to CNBC to see what they were saying were some good stocks that I should check out. The people on TV were telling me all sorts of things. Mainly that Cramer guy was yelling about a whole bunch of nothing.

I decided to ditch the TV talking heads and do some online research of my own.

There sure were a bunch of numbers and projections over which stocks were going to be good and which ones were going to be bad. I just had to stop and stare at all the data flowing across the screen. It really was too much to take in.

Well this one looked like a good one. The projections were that it would take off even in a down economy.

Should I buy it. Oh man this is tough. That little kid on TV made it look so easy. I am not sure about this.

Maybe if I just close my eyes and hit enter it would be OK.

What! I just bought stock. I just bought stock and it immediately started going down. I am in panic mode. Should I sell, should I keep it. Man this day trading stuff is too stressful.

Nah, on second thought I will just watch it throughout the day and hopefully it will go up.

A few hours later I check it again. Huh? Look at that. It doubled in price. I guess it was smart not to panic.

Wait a second. If it doubled in price, that means I just made Dad a $1000 bucks. That is funny.

That is so cool. I just bought stock, held on to it and made money. All right here on the laptop. This is pretty cool. If I keep this up. I can get a clown with this extra coin. Of course, I will probably underestimate the creepiness of the clown.

Dad will be so proud of me. Of course I will have to figure out some way to explain the initial $1000, but I think he will be OK with it once he sees how I used it.

I would say that was pretty good for the first day. Watch out Wall Street, here I come.

More Isaac and the Senators

Hey guys out there, this is Isaac again. I just wanted to write a quick blog to make my Aunt Jenny and Cousin Josh jealous. Today, Daddy took me to another Saxby Chambliss event and I got to meet U.S. Senator Bob Corker. It was pretty cool to get to meet three U.S. Senators in a week. Who knows, maybe I will get to meet Lamar Alexander next week.

Anyway here are the pictures to make my Aunt Jenny green with envy.

Bob Corker talked to the crowd about the importance of getting Saxby Chambliss elected. I was inspired to get out there and campaign myself.

When the event was about to close I got to meet Mr. Corker face to face. I was a bit disappointed though that it was time to go. So I was a bit mad.

(Actually this was before the event started and I was very happy to meet Mr. Corker. He commented on what a fine young man I was. But when Daddy gave away his camera to another person to take the picture it really upset me.)

Grammy Pat helps with budget cuts

I had a twin appointment on Wednesday and Grandpa Joe and Aunt Boo came to take me to them. Isaac was glad to see them because they brought him a puzzle to play with! Grammy Pat had heard the rumors of toy cuts in the Delk house, and sent Isaac something to play with besides a metal bowl.

What you might not know about our little Isaac, is that he is an accomplished puzzle worker. He loves working the puzzles at school.

Isaac didn't ask for any help. He did this all by himself! Mommy likes that the pieces are big, and colorful, since we are trying to work on colors at the Delk house.

This piece is "red", says Isaac. Red is the color of all the pieces so far. We'll keep working on it.
Twin update- both doctors said the twins are looking good. Their fluid levels are healthy, and they are both trying out their lungs. Aunt Boo even got to see them using their lungs when she went to the appointment with me. (on the ultrasound) My regular doctor said he predicts a 60% chance that the babies are born within the week, so Thanksgiving babies are possible. I hope that doesn't happen because that would mean that Joe would win the baby bet. I am already 3cm dialated, so my doctor told me to go straight to the hospital if anything should worry me.
I'll tell you one thing- the only thing I'll be worried about tonight is whether or not Twilight the movie is like the book or not!