Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Future Baseball Star

Joe bought Isaac a baseball T and an aluminum bat. Joe is proud that Isaac properly holds the bat and has a good swing. He just wished that Isaac would stand on the proper side of the plate. Isaac is a lefty; otherwise known as our retirement plan.

The other voice on the video is Travis Wong our neighbor.

Oh, the cleverness of me!

"I like to sing the Head, shoulders, knees, and toes song! This is my mouth!"
Isaac loves all things musical. Before he can go to sleep at night, he says the Pledge to the flag, and sings the Star Spangled Banner. If he wakes up in the middle of the night, we have to sing Jesus loves me and Jesus loves the little children before he'll go back to sleep.

"I love to accessorize my wardrobe. Don't ask me to wear silly bows; I love shoes and jackets."
Abby loves her shoes so much, she won't let you take them off until it is time for bath. In this picture, Abby couldn't find her jacket, so she wanted to wear Isaac's.

"I'm hungry. Isaac was foolish enough to walk away from his food. A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do."

I laughed so hard when I walked into the dining room and found Andy eating Isaac's dinner. It was all over the floor, but Andy was not deterred. He used the spoon as best he could, then gave up and used his hands. He got a bath right after this.

Early Easter

The Delks celebrated Easter and the joint birthdays of Isaac and Joshua at Grammy and Papa Joe's house in Murfreesboro. It was fabulous because the whole family was able to attend. Isaac and Joshua behaved themselves and had a great time during the egg hunt.

Isaac was so excited to find eggs!

Here is Joshua doing a fabulous job finding eggs.
Isaac talks about Josh-ee-wash all the time. He really likes Josh-ee-wash. He likes Josh-ee-wash so much, he calls his friend down the road Josh-ee-wash; the friend's name is Will.

Full basket!
Great job Birthday Boy!
We had Isaac wear his birthday shirt too. They were total twinkies.
Here is Joanna's friend, Mary Milam. She totally made Isaac's day by getting him more cars to play with. He doesn't go anywhere without at least one car in his hand.
We Bradley girls really take our picture taking job seriously.
Joe got a lot more pics on his camera, but I don't know where his cord to download them is, so you'll have to settle for my pics. I'll make Joe download more pics later. :)

Grammy and Papa Joe come for a visit

Grammy and Papa Joe came to visit one Sunday. Isaac and Abby decided to play, while Andy decided to sleep. (Andy truly is my child. Sleep trumps everything)
Isaac was very excited about the visit and talked about Grammy and Papa Joe for 2 days afterward.

Isaac with Grammy.

Papa Joe and a very excited Abby
Papa and Isaac
Normal children, crazy Grammy
Normal (?) Grammy, crazy children

catching up

It's been a LONG time since we've posted anything... sorry 'bout that.

Anyhoo- here are some pics of when Joe and I took the kids across the street to the school to play. It was very nice out. Abby decided to walk around, Isaac and Joe tossed the ball back and forth, and Andy decided that mulch is fabulous.

"This is the best EVER!" says Andy.
"I am too cute for words!" says Abby cheekily. (that's a word, right?)
"Just watch this..."
"Golf Ball, my new sport." says Isaac, the best ball player ever.