Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 10- A day at the gym

My church friend, Jennifer Brewer, had the genius idea to reserve the church gym today for a few hours. It big, it's open, it's AIR CONDITIONED! Jennifer has 2 little boys. Cole is between the twins and Isaac in age; Cooper is still a baby.

We had a great time! Jennifer brought her riding toys, and the church has basketballs. We all brought lunches so we had a 'picnic' lunch on the floor. We ended up being the only ones to show us, everyone else had other plans. It didn't matter. The kids had a great time and the moms got to hang out with another adult.

After lunch, Mr. Steve came for a visit. Mr. Steve is the head of the Children's Ministry at East Brainerd C of C. He is also GREAT with kids. He is the 'baby whisperer'. I have yet to meet a child who doesn't like Steve. He joined in the fun and had a great workout... just watch the video!

We'll have to plan better for next summer and do this more often!

Isaac giving a wave. He didn't eat lunch, whined like a baby at the thought of a nap, and is passed out upstairs as I type this. Sigh.

Little Miss Diva. You can imagine how much she liked being the only girl. She was thrilled when Mr. Steve came to play with her.

Caught his face between a smile and a... something else.

Baby Cooper. I think he had fun pretending to be a big kid. :)

A happier look at Andy, and Mr. Steve is getting tired!

Just one more day at home! I'll have to think of something good!


Pat said...

This was a terrific idea, especially for your hothouse--um, coldhouse--flowers! Best of all, lots of space to run around in! I'm sure they all took lengthy naps.

Grammy Pat

P.S. Your video didn't come through, but I'm sure it was cute (my grandchildren were in it, after all).

Jenny said...

Very smart idea. It's a wonder we haven't thought of that at BHCC. Glad you guys found a cool place to play!