Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Grammy Delk!

This past Saturday the Delk clan met in Whitwell to celebrate Grammy Delk. Of course our part of the group was late, traffic was bad. We had a good time once we arrived!

There was a baseball game on for Isaac and other patrons of the restaurant for Andy (he's never met a stranger!) Abby was happy eating Grammy's salad.

Here is Grammy letting Abby wear her necklace. You know how Abby loves to accessorize! Abby spent most of her time on Grammy's lap. Grammy had a nice big salad that she was willing to share with Abby. Not a piece of lettuce was left!

Ike decided he was better than everyone else. He sat at another table (the place wasn't crowded) and watched the game. We managed to get him to turn around to get a picture with Uncle JD.

Here are two lovely ladies!

I know what you're wondering, "Where is Uncle Craig?" Well, he had to work. I'm sure Super Abby would have saved him is she could.

Happy Birthday, Grammy Delk!!

p.s. Andy never sat long enough to get a picture of him, so here is a pic I took yesterday.

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Pat said...

Happy Birthday, Grammy Delk! I'm sure it was a happy one with all her babies (sans Craig) there to celebrate her!

Grammy Pat