Saturday, June 23, 2012

Delk Annual Baseball Trip - 5th Edition - Day 4.1

Hello everyone out there. This is Isaac again. Daddy wanted me to apologize for being so late in getting these updates out there. I know it has been two weeks since we got home so hopefully we will get all the stories from the trip out there.

Day 4 had us going to Oklahoma City to check out the Redhawks. But we had some extra stops along the way.

Since we were going through to OKC, Daddy said we could take a detour to Springdale, AR and check out the Arkansas Naturals stadium.

All that matters is we got some more bats. The field was pretty nice and they were having a children's day there so we watched some Sponge Bob with a lot of kids from Springdale that were in the stadium.

Abby was very excited about her new pink bat.

Me, I was just content to hold onto mine really tight.

Abby wanted to check out the Naturals enormous scoreboard.

Well it was not too long before we had to hit the road again.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thank you, Uncle JD!

Uncle JD went to UPLIFT at Harding University this past week. He supported the teens from Collegeside Church of Christ. I've never experienced UPLIFT, but I remember attending IMPACT at Lipscomb University when I was a teen. If one is anything like the other, than I know JD had a great time.

Uncle JD always thinks about his niece and nephews, so of course he got them presents!

Abby had to practice her poses before she settled on her infamous hands-on-hips pose. Check out her inner-monologue.

 What's my focus?

 Should I go for innocent? Nah, no one would believe it.

 This is harder than I thought...

What the heck. I'll just be me!

Isaac, caught in the middle of an interesting story.

I still have no idea what he was telling me. 

Andy- got it on the first try!

Thank you, Uncle JD for always thinking of us!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just some cute pics

Abby being herself. She sees me with the camera so much now that she feels that everything she does is picture worthy. I'm not going to tell her any different.

Andy and Abby all wet from playing in the garden while Daddy waters the plants.

And Ike. I forget what he wanted, but he was in my face. (and there is peanut butter on his)

Side note here- When Joe and the kids got back from their trip, you could tell what they listened to in the car. This is everyone's new favorite song. We have to watch it on youtube at least 4 times a week and the kids sing the chorus throughout the day. (I prefer the Glee version) It's a new nighttime routine.

Frozen Treasure Hunt

It's an idea I found on Pinterest and thought I'd give it a try.
I already had some 'treasures' to use from my random art supplies from school, and I had the kids' Easter buckets, so this was a pretty easy activity.

I filled the buckets with water, added some food coloring (since I have a ton of the stuff and it's fun), and added some 'treasures'. Then we put the buckets in the deep freezer that Joe bought a year ago. The next morning we had a frozen surprise!

We took our buckets and some excavation tools and went outside. 

Pound! Pound! Smack! Smack!

After a while, the ice had melted enough to come out of the buckets.

Any treasure they could chip out of the ice was theirs to keep! There were puff balls, erasers, sparkly jewels, buttons, and other random stuff from my art supplies. Nothing that would be missed.

After about an hour, the kids were getting tired. So, we took our treasures inside and used them to decorate individual wreaths. (remember when I was on that kick?)

Sunday photoshoot

Abby received a dress from Aunt Jenny, and Aunt Hollye was kind enough to monogram it for us.

 Will you just look at Little Miss Sassy-Pants? She knows all about posing.

 Andy posed as a bear. Growl.

Isaac posed as a boy not wanting his picture taken.

Thank you, Aunt Jenny and Aunt Hollye!

Popsicles with Daddy

It's all in the title, folks. We made popsicles out of white grape juice, Sprite, and food coloring.

The kids loved them! And so did Daddy. :)
Mommy loved how cheap and easy they were to make.

And there was a dance session with the Christmas dolls from one of the Delk Christmases. One of these days the dolls will mysteriously disappear.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Playground fun

The weather was perfect today. Not too hot, low humidity, and a good breeze. So, we got our shoes on, took a fast potty break, then jumped in the car to go play on Isaac's Kindergarten playground. (that's what he called it)

 Playing in the little school house

 Rockin' it out.

 Andy letting me know he's being brave. 

* Side note here- Ever since Andy's speech has improved, he now has a running commentary on everything he does. And he requires verbal confirmation that he's being heard and understood. I swear, it's almost as bad as Abby. *

After an hour we got back in the car and treated ourselves to Wendy's. After lunch we napped for about 3 hours. I can see us doing this again if I can get 3 hour naps out of the deal!

Water painting

I remember doing this when we lived in Dickson. I would grab a paint brush and a cup of water and go 'paint' the front porch. Those were the days!

Well, we got bored yesterday, and this seemed like a fun (and cheap) activity. Everyone got a cup of water and some Q-tips. (I'll have to get us some paint brushes)

 Oops! No crying over spilled water! We used it anyway.

Let's spill some more and start finger painting!

It was nice and quiet until the kids realized that water puddles are fun to run through. Whatever. 

And we might have sung a song. 
(sorry about the angle. I forgot that I can't rotate videos when I filmed it.)

Daddy was very impressed when he got home. :)