Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mommy's Little Helpers

All the kids like to "help" me when I am working around the house. I can't wait until their "help" can be done through chores!

Isaac helping me take pictures for the blog.
The twins helping me take the laundry upstairs.
Abby helping me fold clothes. She likes when I put socks on her hands. It's a fun game. :)
Andy helping me by being cute. He is really good at that.

Dickson Thanksgiving

Yeah, I posted Christmas before Thanksgiving. Anyhoo- here are some cute pics.

This is a great one of Joe and the twins. This is at the Buttrey- Larkins family reunion. I think we reached 103 people this year.

We visited my Gommy Petty after the reunion. The adults ate dinner while the kids played. This is Abby after being caught playing with the kleenex. She's thinking, "Aw man. I had almost finished the box!"

"But think of the fun I created for Mommy to clean it up!"
This picture is for Uncle JD's benefit. Andy kept leaking out of his clothes, so we finally had to put him in Abby's extra onesie. So, JD, it's not a dress, so I kept my promise!
Here is Abby wearing her pretty new bonnet that Aunt Sandy made. It stayed on her head a full minute before Abby pulled it off. It was cute while it lasted!

School Christmas

We had our Christmas Sing-Along at school, complete with Santa! I was the MC of the sing-along, and I rocked the house! Each grade got to lead the school in a song, and Santa entered when we sang the song "Santa Clause is Coming to Town".

Of course the daycare came to the sing-along and I made sure they got their pictures made with Santa!

Abby was a little freaked out by the fat guy in the red suit. I was surprised since she is usually so social!

The boys did a great job by themselves!

Here are the twins enjoying their Christmas cookies. They had a small party at the daycare.
Isaac loved his cookies!
Abby was up to the challenge! We got a pic of Andy, but it was blurry and not good. (not even Grammy good)