Sunday, July 27, 2008

New pictures of Andy & Abigail

Well, I finally found the time to put these pictures up for all you loyal readers of the blog. Sorry for the delay. I am sure you were all in anxious anticipation.

I feel that the pictures below may need to have a little explanation. The first one below is obvious and I hope that it does not cause Andy to have to have therapy in the future as you all look at his plumbing.

The picture below is a little harder to tell. What you are looking at is a scan of Abby's pelvis. There is obviously not anything sticking out so that is how you know that she's a girl.

This last picture is Abby's heartbeat scan. Here you can see that they are both healthy and behaving well.

We will post more pictures as we go and try to be a little more timely.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well- new twins pictures will be uploaded as soon as Joe scans them into the computer. That is his job since I don't want to learn how.
However- we do have names picked out for the little tikes! We are sticking with the Bible names theme, so we have Andrew Joseph (who Joe doesn't want to be called 'Junior' ever) and Abigail Grace. (because it is by the grace of God that we got a girl)
Both of them are healthy and happy. Abby is already a diva- she didn't want to show her face during the ultra sound. Andy is already a clown- he didn't care what part he was showing off. They are each 7 oz, which the doctor said was right on schedule. The due date is still Dec. 30, but he did say to expect them early.
But just so your visit wasn't an entire waste of time- here are more pictures of Isaac.

Here is Isaac being patriotic.
Here he is reading a book. He is really a very good reader.

And here he is being cute. He is really good at that too!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Deal

The pictures of the twins have been up for a day and no one has commented!?! That is a travesty!

So, here is the deal... if you want to know the gender of these kids, YOU WILL COMMENT!!! That's right! I'm holding information for ransom!
So, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends you better let us know how you feel now!

(comments on the blog are preferred, but e-mails will do nicely as well)

Love you all! The twins love you too!

We will post as much information as we can on Monday after we see the specialist doctor. Who knew twins were considered high risk?
Isaac says to post or he'll spit crackers at you!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

BIG NEWS!!! (with pictures)

To all of you loyal readers of the Delks blog. We got some big news this week that we thought we would all share with you. Attached below are some pictures that you might find interesting.

On Wednesday Jocelyn and I went to her doctor's office to get her checked out. She was having some issues with the pregnancy that caused her to cut her in-service trip short.

Luckily, she was OK. In fact, we found out she was doubly OK.

What you see above is a picture of our twins. Yup, you heard right, twins! Here you can see them butting heads.

The picture above is the chest of one and the head of the other on the right.

Here is a nice picture of the two playing. They were very active. Probably because mom and dad were getting the shock of their life.

This is a big blessing but we are still overwhelmed by it. Especially me!

Please pray for us as we go through this and after they come. We are going to need it.

Joe D.