Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 11- Last day of summer school

Ummmm... we didn't actually do anything. But I did start a project that will be included in their Delk School experience.

To start, today I went through our DVD collection and my 5 book shelves upstairs and came up with 3.5 bags of books and 1 HUGE bag of DVDs to take to McKays. I have to re-do my "bookstore" at school since the books I currently have are 2nd-3rd grade level books. I need stuff my new little babies can read! So, summer cleaning is going to help my babies. (at home and school)

While at McKays, I will be looking for easy books, hopefully ones that have easy recognizable rhymes, like Itsy-bitsy Spider, for my home project. If I can't find any in book form, I can print them off from the Internet. No biggie.

My big plan is to make the kids some Reading Baggies that include a book, or rhyme, some manipulatives (like stick puppets) and a game. (comprehension, or matching, etc)

What am I going to need... well, let me show you what I have done so far...

We finished off a roll of aluminum foil, so I yanked the cardboard core away before the kids could tear it up. (or turn it into a wand, sword, beating stick, etc)

Andy had his speech therapy today (he did exceptionally well) and one of the activities he did was read an Itsy-bitsy Spider book that Ms. Jamie had; hand motions and all. So, I decided to turn the cardboard core into a rain stick!

Cardboard core, foil (for the ends), beans (gotta have some rain!), extra scrapbook paper (from the owl wreath), glue, scissors, computer (playing my Broadway station). Ready Freddy!

Beans inside and ends covered! (Kids upstairs getting baths- I did this late tonight)
Cut scrapbook pieces, glue and tape the ends...

Ta-da!! Rain stick! Actually, it looks like a big thing of Mentos. (remember that candy?) I showed it to the kids before they went to bed and everyone got to play with it.

All I need now is a gallon sized baggie, the book or rhyme, puppets, game and the rain stick. Everything goes in the bag and PRESTO! A fluency/ comprehension/ fun baggie the kids can play with, while learning at the same time! (under supervision and tutelage.)

I'll do a new post when the baggie is complete! Hopefully tomorrow. I'm already planning an outing early in the morning to get everything. Don't know what Joe is going to do, but I think baseball might be included. (big surprise, right?)

OH, and one more thing!

New wreath! :)

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Pat said...

I see you are getting every last drop of your summer vacation before the new school year starts!

Hope your late spring cleaning nets you a bundle at McKay's!

Don't forget to tuck some sunblock in the babies' school bags on Monday morning. The dog days of summer are upon us!

Grammy Pat