Monday, September 10, 2012

September's poem: Chicken Soup

Each month, Isaac's class will be given a poem to work on and memorize. Today Isaac brought home this award:

It says, "I know my September 'Chicken Soup' poem."

Here is the poem:

They practice the poem during their circle time. Students practice pointing left to right when reading and reading with fluency and rhythm.

Here is Isaac reading his poem:

Great job, Ike!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Last weekend Joe took the twins to go fishing.
Now, you and I know that two 3 year olds fishing is really just an excuse to get out of the house. No one actually expects to catch any fish! Well, apparently Joe did expect it. And he was upset when the little cuties wouldn't shut up. 

How long does one have to wait before saying " I told you so"?

Here is a picture from before they left.

Abby is ready with her fishing pole and her bread for the ducks.

A picture from earlier in the day:

Abby picked out her outfit by herself.

The reason Joe decided to take the kids out of the house:

With video:


Ike is off to be a big boy this year. This week was his first week of school and the most I've been able to get out of him is that he eats all his lunch and he likes playtime. Ike has been helping me pack his lunch each day. So far he has had toast, cheese sticks, peanut butter sandwiches, and bananas.(not all at once)

I didn't go all out to get a cute picture on the first day. I might recreate the scene later to get a cuter picture, but here is Ike on his first day.

I made sure to put him in a bright color (Thank you, Grammy Pat!) so he could be found easily on the playground.

His teacher is Mrs. Hall and he seems to like her. I like that there are only 19 kids in his class and a full time Para-Pro. (Mrs. Grizzle) We have been to open house and orientation and I think this will be a good year for my little guy.

The only thing I'm having issues with is that he doesn't have a behavior sheet coming home each day. The entire school is on this "Positive Behavior" kick and sending home a behavior sheet might be detrimental to my child's mental health. So, I'll be notified when Ike is "filling someone's bucket" with positive energy and love, but not when he is a pain in the butt.

I don't see parents liking this for very long.