Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Isaac's Thoughtful Spot

Just like his favorite Disney character, Pooh Bear, Isaac has a thoughtful spot. He goes to his spot when he wants to escape; usually with a toy or two.

His thoughtful spot is... stair number three.

Here he is with a baseball. He is happily entertained with his dreams of one day becoming a famous pitcher. (For the Braves) However, he is not carrying a Braves ball. I have no idea which one it is.

When I confronted Isaac and asked him if he wanted to come play with Mommy, his reply was...


"Well," I said, "OK. Can Mommy play here with you?"

He decided to show me another place where I could play. Far away from him.

I can take a hint. He was safe and entertained, so I moved on.

He waited until I was far enough away before resuming his dreams of Pro Baseball stardom.
Isaac had his 18 month visit to the doctor today. Apparently, he remembered the office from his last visit and was not very well behaved for Daddy. (I did not take him so I can save my days for maternity leave) Isaac was found to be healthy, if not happy, and received three shots.
Joe deserves kudos for taking Isaac and putting up with a lot! Way to go, Joe!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Isaac's Decorations

Hello everyone out there. This is Isaac. I wanted to show you guys my room. Since baseball season is almost over, Dad will not be able to take me to many more games this season. But I wanted to show the stuff I have gotten so far.

As you can see I have decorated my room (with Dad's help) with pennants from all the stadiums I have been to this year. So far I have been to 22 stadiums this year but I have got 24 pennants in my room.

I am very proud of my pennants and bats that Dad has gotten me. I also really liked the trips I have taken this year with Daddy. We got to go to 11 states and the District of Columbia. I got to sit in a major league dugout. I got to see games at the Major League level, AA, A+, and A- levels.

It has been a blast. Hopefully, once my little brother and little sister get here, all of us can go to more games, but they will not GET MY PENNANTS! They can collect ice cream helmets like Aunt Beth. The pennants are mine, along with the baseballs and bats.....well I guess I can share those with them.

Well right now there are no more trips scheduled for this year, but next year hopefully Dad will take me to Minnesota to see the Twins for the last year in their stadium.

Dad says though that we will have to wait and see on that trip.


Monday, August 11, 2008

20 week update

No ultrasound picture, but a good update. The twins are fine, good heart beats. She couldn't tell me a lot, but she was impressed with how big my stomach already was. My next appointment is four weeks away and she did schedule an ultrasound then. I go back to the specialist in two weeks, and they do an ultrasound each time.

Anyhoo- here are more pictures of Isaac!

I had to throw this one of Joshua in because I think it is so cute! He is really enthusiastic about what he has to say!
I love this picture because Joshua is saying "All done!", Sadie is trying to whistle, and Isaac is screaming in excitement. Cute kids.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Funny faces of Isaac

Just an excuse to post some funny pictures of Isaac.

Tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment. I don't know if they plan on an ultrasound, but if there is I will post the pictures. If not, I will still update and use Isaac pictures instead! :)

Party at Gommy B's!!

In celebration of my Grandmother Bradley, almost her entire clan showed up at my Aunt Hollye's house for lunch and fun. We were very excited that my littlest sister, Samantha, could come since she has not seen Isaac in person before.
We got lots of fabulous pictures of the boys (Isaac and Joshua) and girl (Sadie). I know Gommy was happy to see us all together!
Here we have Aunt Hollye and Aunt Boo sharing their ice cream with the kiddies

Here we got the kids to sit on the porch swing.
Here is a picture of Sadie having a good time.

Isaac had a great time chasing bubbles.

Joanna's new Facebook pose. Nice, Boo. Makes you look mysterious.

Lovely picture of the Bradley girls.
Everyone had a great time! Happy Birthday Gommy!!