Saturday, October 30, 2010


We went incredibly cheap this year in the Delk house. Not on candy of course, 11 bags of it. No, we went cheap on costumes. Originally, Abby was going to wear a Minnie Mouse costume that we were going to borrow from the day care. However.... I forgot it. But, it just so happened that we inherited a costume from one of my mommy friends; I had just forgotten about it until I was cleaning out the twins' closet.

Abby was a pretty pink poodle. I'm not sure if I inherited it from Andrea Weaver, or Andrea Tate- either way, we were happy to have it!

The only money we spent was on Andy's costume... $1 for the bandanna. Farmer Andy. He is actually wearing a pair of Abby's overalls, his were in the wash. So, even Andy is wearing borrowed clothes!

Isaac went as a baseball player, which must come as a shock to you all. He wore a Braves jersey that we inherited from my coworker, Ansley. He wore baseball pajama pants, and his helmet that he got from Grammy and Papa Delk.

Here are Abby and Andy, almost ready to go!

Freckles on and ready to go!! Aunt Kiki, our neighbor Kayla, got each of the kids a Peanuts bag to take trick-or-treating. The twins used theirs, but Isaac had to carry around the pumpkin basket. I have a feeling they will all become Abby's new purses.

As it turned out, fun was not had by all. Isaac did well going up and asking nicely for candy, "Hey guys! I want some candy!" but he always remembered to say thank you. Abby followed Isaac, but only said thank you, never willing to ask for anything.

Andy FLIPPED OUT. He did not want to go up to the door, and did not want to interact with anyone. He just wanted to walk. So, after we made out 1 loop around the neighborhood, Joe took Andy for another lap; just walking, no stopping for candy.

The rest of the night included Abby giving out hand fulls of candy to each kid as they came up- we ran out of candy pretty quickly, Isaac counting his stash- 19 pieces in all, and Andy sitting on the porch eating M&Ms. I call it a success.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


After Julia's party, the twins and I stayed with Grammy and Papa Joe while Joe took Isaac back to Chattanooga. The twins had a great time, and they were willing to have pictures taken!! Abby was the biggest cheeser!

Abby- cute as can be.

Andy- just playing with his trains.

Abby and Grammy- do you see what I mean about Abby being a cheeser?

Abby couldn't decide who to impress; the camera or Grammy.

Abby and Mommy. Abby is pointing out who the focus is in the picture.

Believe it or not, this was the best one of Abby and Papa Joe. She was loosing the cheese. I took some of Grammy, Papa Joe and the twins, but none of them worked out. We'll try next time.

When we left Murfreesboro, we decided to avoid construction traffic on 75 and go visit Aunt Beth and Uncle Craig instead. We had a fun visit and even went to church at Collegeside to hear Uncle JD lead singing. (no pics of the church service, but Abby did make a new friend with the woman sitting in front of us)

Abby and Andy on the stairs at Beth and Craig's.

Uncle Craig played the guitar while we sang the Wheels on the Bus.

Abby having fun with Aunt Beth.

Thanks for letting us come visit! We'll see you again soon!

Happy Birthday Julia!!

This past weekend, the Delks headed to the new Davis homestead. Julia celebrated her birthday in style- with family of all kinds showering her with attention.

Cutest cupcakes ever!

Aunt Boo, me, and Gommy Petty. 3 Pretty ladies!

Abby and Gommy Petty- sharing Gommy's chips. I don't know who had a better time with this arrangement, Abby or Gommy!

I love this pic because it shows both of the twins getting love. ;)

I think Julia was surprised- for the first time ever people were cheering her while she made a huge mess. The more the mess- the more the cheers!! I thought she was the most adorable little linebacker I've ever seen!

Joshua trying to prove just how big his mouth is. Get it Joshua!!

I'm not sure about Isaac and his new love of the side pose. It seems all of his pictures now-a-days have him posing this way. Oh well, at least he stays still for them.

We all had a great time. The food was yummy, the cake was cute, and the company was festive. Thanks for opening your house, Aunt Jenny! Happy Birthday Julia!!

At the game

That is.. at Joe's church league baseball game. I encouraged Joe to join the church league team in order to get him out of the house, and socializing with people his age more. He had a good time, and I got roped into taking the kids to one of the games. (other moms from our Sunday class were there and wondered where I was) So... here is what my kids decided to do instead of watching the game.

Andy found himself a wonderful pile of dirt to play with. His fun consisted of letting the dirt run through his fingers and then shoving it up his pants.

Abby decided that the ball park was too cluttered, so she decided to throw all the rocks away. This was after helping Andy with his pile of dirt.

Isaac had fun with the other little boys that were there. He played ball, rolled in dirt, and cheesed for the camera.

About 5 min after arriving at the ballpark, I decided that saying,"Stay out of the dirt," was pretty pointless. So, after consulting with the other mammas that this was a normal reaction from the children when faced with having to amuse themselves, I let them have at it.

Needless to say, the tub had a distinct ring around it after the threw them all in for their baths. (all at the same time)

Never again.


My kids love chasing bubbles. The best thing about these bubbles is the satisfying pop they make on impact. Not bad for $1 bubbles from Wal-Mart!
Side note- we are potty training Isaac- thus the lack of pants. I don't know if that's a potty training thing or just a boy thing.

Andy- he always has the biggest smile when doing this!

Abby and Andy

It took me a while to convince Isaac that eating bubbles was a bad idea. After catching one he looked at me and said, "Mommy! That's yucky!" And then he did it two more times.