Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Isaac's first game

Otherwise titled "Diamondbacks vs. the A's"

We signed Isaac up with the East Brainerd league because we wanted him to be with kids he knew- and the kids he knows are from church. There are 12 kids on his team; 2 from his Sunday school class.

We found out that East Brainerd names the younger teams after major league teams. We are the Diamondbacks and Isaac is #10. (after Chipper Jones- not a Diamondback)

The day was bright, the air was clean, and the kids were insane. To quote another parent, it was like "herding cats". Loosely organized chaos. The kids had a great time and that is all that matters. There is no way one can keep score, and no one gets out, so I'm not complaining. Everyone leaves happy!

Unfortunately, most of the pictures I took were on Joe's camera since it takes better pics. Joe has no idea where the cord to download the pics is. I will post the "good" pics as soon as we find the cord.

So, here the pictures from my inferior camera...

Parents are allowed on the field, which is good since the kids needed direction. Joe was the coach for this game since the head coach was out of town.

He's going for a grounder!! Actually, all the kids went for every ground ball. Everyone wanted to touch the ball. Not that they knew what to do with it...

Isaac posing for me. He has a good time, I think. It was difficult for Joe to be a coach and a parent. I'm looking forward to the next game where Joe can just be there for Ike.

I know what you're asking yourselves... "What about the twins?" Have no fear, they were there too! I had the trapped.

I came prepared with lots of snacks, toys and bubbles. They were fine, and stayed relatively dirt free. Amazing, I know.

Andy had a good time. All smiles here!

Abby was.... I'm actually not sure what Abby was. Weird, I guess.

A VIP showed up for the game too... Mrs. Amanda!! The kids' previous day care teacher was able to come to the game! She also brought her kids Dakota and Mason. My kids went crazy! She played with the twins and cheered for Isaac. Andy had fun sitting and making faces. Abby, who is in LOVE with Mason, just wanted to have his attention. (Mason is in 2nd grade at my school. He was not too thrilled with Abby wanting to hold his hand.) :)

After the game, the Delks and the Arellanos (Amanda and kids) all went out for pizza. Perfect day!

Anyone interested in watching the Diamondbacks let me know and I'll tell you the times of the games! Second game this weekend!

p.s. more pics later- including pics of the VIP and Isaac hitting the ball


Pat said...

Omigosh! He even has the stances right. All that gamewatching has paid off!

Gotta get me a #10 teamshirt!!!

Grammy Pat

Joanna said...

Umm, if Mom gets a t-shirt, then so do I! I want to represent when I come to see Isaac play. Awesome pics! I don't think your camera seems inferior. And I love to see Isaac in his uniform. I think Andy gets the prize for sweetest picture, though. :)

The Full Count said...

agreed with Joanna....Andy's picture is adorable!!
Issac is going to be a pro before you know it!! Watch out Chipper Jones!!