Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Ansley comes for a visit

I realize I am late in announcing this but.... Travis and Kayla had their baby! Well, let's be honest, Kayla had the baby and Travis gets to show her off.
One afternoon, the Wongs decided to take Ansley for a walk, and let her Delk neighbors get to meet her!

Here she is! She didn't know she was having her picture taken, or I'm sure she would have posed better. I got to babysit her last week while Kayla went to the store. We watched America's Next Top Model while discussing the decline in America's tv shows.

Abby was more impressed with Travis. No surprise there!

Andy was happy to see Travis too! He also peeked in to see baby Ansley, but I didn't get a pic fast enough.

Ansley is, of course, the best baby ever, so I'm sure she will be part of this blog again!

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Pat said...

Baby Ansley is adorable, and not one bit fazed by her miraculous appearance on Peachtree Circle. An attitude befitting a true star. I hope we get to see her the next time we come to visit the Delk stars!

Grammy Pat