Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ode to Uncle JD

For their birthdays, JD got the kids an Acappella Babies DVD which trains little ears to be able to pick out different harmonies. The kids LOVE it! On average, we watch it a million times a day. At least 3- all in a row. It's like Baby Einstein- only with Acappella music; complete with bright colors and random pictures of objects to catch baby's eye.

Between each song, there's a 'Learn to Sing' section, which takes the kids through the scales. You would not believe how well the kids do with it! Isaac and Andy are the most impressive. Abby tends to find something else to do after 1 or 2 songs. The boys will go through all the scales with the video.

It comes with a CD to listen to in the car as well. And we do... constantly. One of the songs is called "God's Fisherman" talking about how there are all kinds of animals, but we want to be God's fisherman. You'd have to hear it. Anyhoo- apparently when Joe and Isaac were in Walmart the other day, Isaac picked up a fishing pole and told Joe, "I'm God's fisherman!" Cute right?!

Well, today Isaac was playing and just started to sing one of the songs. I tested fate and got out the camera. Surprise... he didn't stop singing! If you listen carefully, you can tell he is singing the tune of "My Father's World". They don't sing the words in the video, just a lot of "la la la".

Ok, JD. You created this monster... you're paying for voice lessons when he gets older!
He's just following in the Delk tradition of being a talented singer!


Beth said...

All I have to say is...."SING IT NOW!"

Pat said...

I think all the Delk babies have very good musical ears! I especially liked how Andy tried to steal the scene with his rendition of "No!"

Grammy Pat