Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who needs the Royal Wedding?

When we have Princess Abby!
On Easter, Abby was so impressed with how she looked that she told me, "Look at me, Mommy! I'm a princess!" How that is different from any other day, I have no idea.

We did not go all out this year with new outfits, but that didn't seem to matter with the kids. Isaac was excited to "Go see Will and Jesus" at church.

I told Isaac to put his hands on his hips and smile. This is what I got. sigh.

Andy was happy to take time out of eating his pancake to take a proper picture.

A little Marilyn Monroe-ish, but still cute.

Isaac getting his groove on.

It was a happy Easter. Isaac came home on a giant sugar high, which was fun for everyone. (not) Someone gave Isaac a cupcake during Sunday school; not a good idea.
Anyhoo, it was good that we got pics before the sugar rush!


Jenny said...

When will Princess Abby be making her royal visit to the Nashville area? Such fun pictures of the kids!

Pat said...

What little camera hogs! Or should I say piglets?

Grammy Pat

Beth said...

The "monroe" picture of Abby made me laugh! Silly girl! :)