Thursday, April 28, 2011

Diamondbacks vs. the Giants

This was supposed to be Isaac's 4th game, but his 3rd got canceled due to storms. Last weekend, Isaac's team played the Giants. The surprise guests were... Grammy and Papa Delk! It was a good game, it was our team's turn to be the ones to play in the dirt. We kept our great attitudes and stayed in position on the field. (for the most part) I'm very proud of all they seem to be learning!

Isaac at the bat. Please notice the tucked in shirt. (Aunt Boo)

Isaac at first base. Shirt still tucked.

Waiting for his time at bat. His pants are so pristine, they are glowing.

Abby enjoying the game, and enjoying being out of the stroller!

Andy was not wanting his pic made. I had to finagle this one.

Isaac was excited about this game because he really wanted to play with his friend Will. Well, along with Will comes his sister, Caroline. The twins like playing with Caroline when we visit Maria's house, but this was a first at the game...

That's right. Caroline was feeding Andy; and he was loving it. He liked it so much, he was allowing Caroline to share in his snack, as long as she kept feeding him. I'll keep this pic for future embarrassment.

Abby wanted to sit where she didn't have to share her snack. So, she sat with Papa Delk.

After having a lovely snack with Caroline, Andy decided to visit with Papa Delk too.

It was a nice day for a game, and afterward we all went to ave pizza to celebrate our win. :) Thank you Grammy and Papa Delk for coming to watch!

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Pat said...

Ah, T-ball culture! Your kids seem to have fit right in with all the action, and created a little of their own!

Grammy Pat