Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joseph has a little garden...

it is new and green. (like the book Joseph Had a Little Overcoat.)

Anyhoo- Joe has a garden and he is very proud of it. Actually, we are all proud of it because he has been working on it for years. This year looks like it is going to be profitable. (well, more so than last year- we got 2 zucchinis, a few cucumbers and a tomato or two) This year, we will have a plethora of healthy, home grown vegetables.

This is the 4x4 vegetable bed that he made last year. In it this year, we have 3 tomato plants, broccoli, and some flowers. The flowers are for pollination purposes. Behind the bed is the compost pile. Joe is very proud of it since a family of worms has decided to take up residence. Worms are a sign of healthy soil, or compost as the case may be.

These are the two 6x6 beds that Joe made just this year. They will have flowers for pollination, also zucchini, okra, pumpkins, corn, lots of tomatoes, basil, and more, but Joe told them to me too fast. The okra is mostly for Kayla, our neighbor. The zucchini is for me, and the pumpkins are for Isaac. They will become his Jack-o-Lanterns this fall.

These have just been transplanted into cups. They were originally in egg cartons. Joe has been meticulous in following these seedling. By next week they should be ready to be planted in their new beds.

There are Isaac's strawberries. He chose the seeds himself, and he has tended them. I never knew he liked strawberries until now. I know he likes them in yogurt. Maybe we'll make our own strawberry yogurt later. (by adding the fruit to vanilla yogurt, I'm not that talented)

This little lady is Daddy's biggest helper. They work in the garden every day when Daddy gets home. Mostly, Joe gives her a shovel and tells her to find worms, or gives her a watering can to water the plants. It doesn't matter the task, she just loves being with Daddy. She also loves chasing Isaac with the worms she finds.

I mentioned earlier that Joe is planting broccoli. I know that shocked you. You probably thought, "Broccoli? Who in that house eats broccoli?" The answer is Abby. She loves it. The broccoli plant is hers and hers alone. Last week, it sprouted a little 'tree' out of the dirt. Joe called her over and said, "Look, Abby. Here's a broccoli for you." After hearing this, Abby came over, snapped the broccoli off the plant and ate it, dirt and all. "Mmmmm, good broccoli Daddy!"

My guess is we are going to have too many vegetables to eat ourselves, so I am planning on introducing my students to fresh veggies before the year is over. There is a very good chance we will be sharing with our families too... but only if they come visit!! First come, first served!! :)

Jocelyn neglected to mention that I am keeping a garden notebook on a blog as well. Complete with more pictures. If you are incredibly bored and have nothing better to do than watch stuff grow (literally) then check out www.joehasagarden.blogspot.com It will also be a little more accurate since Jocelyn thinks our daughter eats dirt with her broccoli. She doesn't, she just likes digging for worms.


Pat said...

That's a mighty handsome garden you got there, all you Delks! I can't wait to come see it myself. And as I recall, Abby learned about eating broccoli from me, the only person who ever cooked it for her that I'm aware of! She's a big girl to be Daddy's garden helper!

Grammy Pat

The Full Count said...

ha!! when I read that about the broccoli, I DID think "broccoli?...
Jossy doesn't like broccoli!!" haha! :)
Can't wait to follow your progress! :)

Jessica.Ivy.Roth said...

I LOVE IT!! I want a garden soooo bad! Not too convenient living in an apt. on the beach though :/.

Jenny said...

Love the garden! Can't wait to see how it grows!