Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diamondbacks vs. the Angels

Isaac's second game went better than the first. The kids knew what to expect, and so did the parents. The deal is that both teams get to bat and have fielding time twice, then the game is over. After the first round, both sides were done. The rest of the game was keeping kids from falling asleep on the outfield.

Isaac waiting for his turn to bat.

Daddy and Isaac waiting for a ball to be hit their way. All the players had a parent on the field with them- we learned from last time!

Belted! Deep right field!! Welcome to the show!!
(a prize for whoever can post who this was said for. Hint: last year, Fox Sports South. I'm guessing either Beth, Craig, or Papa Joe is going to get it)

After the game snack provided my Mrs. Maria, mother of Will.

The twins were in attendance of course. Fun was had by all!!

Well, fun was had by some, but snacks were had by all!!

Bad news... Isaac informed Joe and I that he didn't want to play baseball anymore. This did not come as a shock to us, since he has not wanted to go to any games lately. (not even the Atlanta or Rome Braves could tempt him) I think he does not like playing and being a fan at the same time.

So, Joe and I had a sit down talk with him about what is going to happen. We told Isaac that he couldn't quit. (calm down Grammies!) We told him that he would still go to play (practice) with Will at church, and he would dress and go to the games; but he did not have to play if he didn't want to. He seemed ok with that. (so did Joe since he didn't want his money wasted)

I have a feeling that once he sees the other kids playing, he will want to as well. If not, he can cheer with the twins and me in the stands. I think his biggest problem with the games is that he doesn't get a lot of ball time. They take turns in the different positions, and it's hard for a 4 year old's attention span.

We'll let you know how it goes!


Pat said...

Ah, well, the point is that it should be fun. When it stops being fun . . . well. Of course, this is how Isaac feels *this* week. Who knows about next week?

Grammy Pat

Melissa said...

Jason Heyward and no, John didn't tell me.

Joe and Jocelyn said...

Melissa, I'm so proud!! Mostly I'm proud of you posting a comment. You win one weekend free of twins- to be used at your leisure. (once they are born of course)

Jenny said...

I like the lesson on commitment. Especially when mommy and daddy's money is involved. I bet he will change his mind when he sees the other kids playing. Joshua seems to be constantly telling us things he does or doesn't want to do, but he doesn't mean it.