Thursday, April 28, 2011

Growing some goodness

I know Joe has his own blog, but I wanted to post some pics of his progress as well. Don't ask me what each plant is, I'm just doing it mostly to show off his cute helpers. Check out Joe's blog at to find out how things are really going.

Abby loves being helpful in the garden. She gets upset when Joe comes home and does not take her outside first thing.

Cheesing for me. You might wonder why the pic is so fuzzy... that is because I am inside taking the pic through the screen in the window. Lazy, I know.

Don't know what it is, but it's pretty!

We had some bees come by the garden, so the flowers are a success!!

I believe all of these sprouts have since been planted, most in the new 6x6 bed. Joe has the lumber ready to build the very last (I hope) bed. It will be a 4x16 and will go beside the 4x4 that he made last year. For all the time and $ that has gone into this venture, we had better see some results!!

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Pat said...

I am a committed follower of Joe D's blog, and tickled to death that the kids get to watch the garden grow this summer. If this doesn't get Isaac to eat squash and zucchini, nothing will!

Grammy Pat