Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Isaac's game- Joe's camera

Found the cord! Apparently we have numerous cords, but Joe has no idea where they are. Well, I found one and I'm hiding it for future use!!

Isaac waiting for his turn at bat.

Isaac with his teammates.

Swing batter, batter!!

Mrs. Amanda and Mason. Dakota was in a few, but he was inching out of the shot. This was the best one, even with Abby being a pain.

Andy having a great time.

Abby is just happy to be with Mrs. Amanda.

I think the twins liked that Amanda saved them from the stroller best of all! :)


Pat said...

What form! What style! Enough about Abby and Andy--Isaac looks great too! Man, can he wallop that ball. Joe and I can't wait to come see him play!

Grammy Pat

Joanna said...

Aww, I miss your kids so much, Jossy! These are some great pics! I'm glad you found the camera cord. And Isaac looks great at the bat!

So, just one tiny comment (not criticism, just a comment haha): Why is Isaac's shirt not tucked in? All of the other little boys have their shirts tucked in. Just sayin'.

Joe and Jocelyn said...

Aunt Boo- all the other kids had parents who could run around tucking in their shirts. I was not that dedicated.

Pat said...

Sigh. Joanna, the Fashion Umpire.

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

Such good pictures - of all the kids. Is it just me, or is Andy becoming more of a ham?