Monday, November 3, 2008

Isaac and the Amusement Park

Last month Daddy took me to Lake Winnie. It is a local amusement park here in Chattanooga. Daddy's company had their corporate picnic there this year. Mommy said she did not want to go this year with her growing little brother and sister. So Daddy took me.

He was pretty excited about me riding rides and stuff, but I did not really like it.

I had fun driving the Lady Bugs ride. But it just kept going around in circles. Plus there was some lady's rear end in all the pictures.

I soon became bored with going round and round and wanted to do something more. Daddy let me go feed the ducks. This was really fun. There were also some big fish in the pond that kinda freaked me out but they were fun too. Daddy even got one of them to eat out of his hand.

Well maybe next year I can take my little brother and sister. And maybe I will ride more rides next year.



Jenny said...

Fun times! Joshua was the same way at Disney...he really didn't care much about many of the rides. Of course Isaac liked that one where he got to drive!

Anonymous said...

awww...Can't wait to see you guys at Homecoming!

Pat said...

Daddy and Mommy will soon learn that throwing stuff into other stuff is a kid's greatest joy. It's okay too if ducks and fish are there to clean up the mess.

Gramma Pat