Saturday, November 22, 2008

Isaac's New Career

Hello everyone again. Isaac here. With the budget cuts going on in the Delk household, I have decided to help the family out by starting a career. Dad had a serious talk with me about pulling my own weight and helping out with the family expenses.

Needless to say, but this news took me by surprise. I was very shocked. I decided to think really hard at what I might be good at. Since I see that commercial on TV alot of the baby doing E-Trade, I figured I would do some day trading to see if I could get some cash flow going.

I made sure Dad wasn't looking so I could take some of his cash for some start up capital. Of course, he wasn't, so I took $1000 to get started.
I turned on the TV to CNBC to see what they were saying were some good stocks that I should check out. The people on TV were telling me all sorts of things. Mainly that Cramer guy was yelling about a whole bunch of nothing.

I decided to ditch the TV talking heads and do some online research of my own.

There sure were a bunch of numbers and projections over which stocks were going to be good and which ones were going to be bad. I just had to stop and stare at all the data flowing across the screen. It really was too much to take in.

Well this one looked like a good one. The projections were that it would take off even in a down economy.

Should I buy it. Oh man this is tough. That little kid on TV made it look so easy. I am not sure about this.

Maybe if I just close my eyes and hit enter it would be OK.

What! I just bought stock. I just bought stock and it immediately started going down. I am in panic mode. Should I sell, should I keep it. Man this day trading stuff is too stressful.

Nah, on second thought I will just watch it throughout the day and hopefully it will go up.

A few hours later I check it again. Huh? Look at that. It doubled in price. I guess it was smart not to panic.

Wait a second. If it doubled in price, that means I just made Dad a $1000 bucks. That is funny.

That is so cool. I just bought stock, held on to it and made money. All right here on the laptop. This is pretty cool. If I keep this up. I can get a clown with this extra coin. Of course, I will probably underestimate the creepiness of the clown.

Dad will be so proud of me. Of course I will have to figure out some way to explain the initial $1000, but I think he will be OK with it once he sees how I used it.

I would say that was pretty good for the first day. Watch out Wall Street, here I come.


Pat said...

What adorable pictures! Isaac is very handsome when he forgets to pop in that pacifier. If day-trading is the answer, well. . . so be it!

Gramma Pat

Jenny said...

I hope this means that Isaac will get more for dinner than a whole bowl of nothing!