Friday, November 21, 2008

Better late than never...

So, I was downloading pictures from my camera that I took today, and found pictures from Isaac's Halloween party at school. They are too cute, so I am going to do a late Halloween post to let you see the cuteness of the kids in his "class".

This is Brayden, the current baby of the class. He was a ghost. He was working very hard on the Cheeto in is hand.

Here is Ali and Collin, they are enjoying their cupcakes.

This is Cash, he was a cute skeleton. He actually gave me a big smile before this picture was taken, but my camera was not fast enough.

And here is Isaac. Notice the cupcake still on his plate. He was not interested in the cupcake, so Mommy had to eat it so it wouldn't go to watse. He did love the Cheetos, and had seconds.

I really liked this picture of "Thoughtful Isaac", even though he has demon eyes. Well, it was Halloween, and he is my little monster, so maybe it fits.

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Jenny said...

Yes, the other children are cute enough. I'm feeling very Isaac deprived in this post. :-P