Thursday, November 6, 2008

Showered with love

This past Monday, I had my school shower for the twins. I am blessed to work with wonderful ladies, and two guys. (not gentlemen) :) It was just supposed to be a diapers and wipes shower, but you can't stop women when babies are inviolved! Thanks, ladies, for everything!!

This is a picture of my two peas in a pod. Sarah Lane, one of the kindergarden teachers, is extremely creative and made this for the twins. How cute!!

This is the diaper wreath that Lane made. It will go on our door when the kids come. I almost feel bad knowing that I'll have to tear it up to diaper my kids' butts.

This is the greatest bag ever! I ordered it it special from a friend-of-a-friend. ( It's two sided for the twins! This is obviously Abigail's side. Her name is monogrammed in the middle.

This is Andrew's baseball side. I have a feeling Joe will only carry the bag on this side.
Eat your heart out, Joanna! I know you're jealous! :)
Update- I went to the specialist yesterday for my 32 week check-up and the twins are huge! Abby is measuring at 4 pounds, 4 oz. Andy is 5 pounds, 1 oz. Andy has also turned like his sister, so they are both head-down.Let's hope they stay that way! The only trouble we encountered is that Abby's fluid is a little low. The doctor was not overly concerned, but we go back next week to check up on the situation. Keep your fingers crossed!


Pat said...

What wonderful friends and colleagues you have!

Take care of Mommy now! Precious cargo, you know!

Gramma Pat

Jenny said...

I have to say that's the coolest diaper cake/wreath I've ever seen! I love the bag too! I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend...