Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Early Halloween

Our Sunday school class had its Halloween party last Friday. Isaac had the best time! He got to play with his friend Hailey (on older woman) and basically ran around going crazy.

If you can't read his shirt- it says "Monster in Training". I thought it was fitting.
This is our friend Will. He is the same friend from Isaac's swimming pictures earlier this year. He has grown so much!
Here are some of the pumpkins that were carved at the party. Joe carved the one in the middle. (the one that isn't a face and you can't tell what it is) I was very proud of how hard he worked on it. :)
While at the party, Isaac showed off his newest game of "Race". He puts his hands on his knees and says, "Set, set, go!!" For those of you who don't speak toddler, he's saying, "On your mark, get set, go!!"
Originally, I thought that Melissa taught him that game- since they play it at her house, but I have since learned that it is something that they do during their PE time at daycare. (the daycare kids get to go to PE and library twice a week at my school. They love it)
At any rate, it was nice that Hailey would play with him since I was too tired to chase him! :)


Stephanie said...

Hayley's always happy to play with someone who has a lot of energy!

I'm looking forward to eating some great seafood with you and the girls next Tuesday!

Pat said...

Glad to see Isaac getting into the "spirit" of Halloween!

Gramma Pat

Jenny said...

Can we borrow that "Monster in Training" shirt???