Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Isaac and the Senators

Hey guys out there, this is Isaac again. I just wanted to write a quick blog to make my Aunt Jenny and Cousin Josh jealous. Today, Daddy took me to another Saxby Chambliss event and I got to meet U.S. Senator Bob Corker. It was pretty cool to get to meet three U.S. Senators in a week. Who knows, maybe I will get to meet Lamar Alexander next week.

Anyway here are the pictures to make my Aunt Jenny green with envy.

Bob Corker talked to the crowd about the importance of getting Saxby Chambliss elected. I was inspired to get out there and campaign myself.

When the event was about to close I got to meet Mr. Corker face to face. I was a bit disappointed though that it was time to go. So I was a bit mad.

(Actually this was before the event started and I was very happy to meet Mr. Corker. He commented on what a fine young man I was. But when Daddy gave away his camera to another person to take the picture it really upset me.)

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Jenny said...

Very cool! Isaac is quite the political mover and shaker! :) I guess Joshua and I just have to get more politically involved!