Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grammy Pat helps with budget cuts

I had a twin appointment on Wednesday and Grandpa Joe and Aunt Boo came to take me to them. Isaac was glad to see them because they brought him a puzzle to play with! Grammy Pat had heard the rumors of toy cuts in the Delk house, and sent Isaac something to play with besides a metal bowl.

What you might not know about our little Isaac, is that he is an accomplished puzzle worker. He loves working the puzzles at school.

Isaac didn't ask for any help. He did this all by himself! Mommy likes that the pieces are big, and colorful, since we are trying to work on colors at the Delk house.

This piece is "red", says Isaac. Red is the color of all the pieces so far. We'll keep working on it.
Twin update- both doctors said the twins are looking good. Their fluid levels are healthy, and they are both trying out their lungs. Aunt Boo even got to see them using their lungs when she went to the appointment with me. (on the ultrasound) My regular doctor said he predicts a 60% chance that the babies are born within the week, so Thanksgiving babies are possible. I hope that doesn't happen because that would mean that Joe would win the baby bet. I am already 3cm dialated, so my doctor told me to go straight to the hospital if anything should worry me.
I'll tell you one thing- the only thing I'll be worried about tonight is whether or not Twilight the movie is like the book or not!


Pat said...

I didn't know about the lung part of the exam. Good news!

Gramma Pat

Jenny said...

Is this a hint as to what Isaac wants for Christmas???