Friday, June 22, 2012

Thank you, Uncle JD!

Uncle JD went to UPLIFT at Harding University this past week. He supported the teens from Collegeside Church of Christ. I've never experienced UPLIFT, but I remember attending IMPACT at Lipscomb University when I was a teen. If one is anything like the other, than I know JD had a great time.

Uncle JD always thinks about his niece and nephews, so of course he got them presents!

Abby had to practice her poses before she settled on her infamous hands-on-hips pose. Check out her inner-monologue.

 What's my focus?

 Should I go for innocent? Nah, no one would believe it.

 This is harder than I thought...

What the heck. I'll just be me!

Isaac, caught in the middle of an interesting story.

I still have no idea what he was telling me. 

Andy- got it on the first try!

Thank you, Uncle JD for always thinking of us!

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Joanna said...

I think you have 3 of the CUTEST KIDS in the whole wide world. Will be sharing these pics with all my friends.

Love you,