Friday, June 15, 2012

Delk Annual Baseball Trip - 5th Edition - Day 3

Hello everyone out there. This is Isaac taking over the blog. Daddy, Abby and I finally got back in town and we are ready to fill in the rest of the trip. Day three we went to the Arkansas Travelers in Little Rock, AR. This was a really long day as we had to go through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas to get to the game.

We left out and headed on. We stopped in Jackson, MS to check out the Mississippi Braves. But they were closed. I was really upset about this. This was one stadium I really wanted to see and was very excited that we were going to stop there. However, there was a sign posted on the door saying they were closed.

This was as close as we got. So, we ate some lunch and then hit the road again.

We got to Little Rock and Daddy was worried that we would not get to see the game because of big storm that we drove through. He was worried that we would have the first rain out ever in Delk Baseball Trip history. But when we got to the stadium it was cleared out and was a pretty nice night.

Dickey-Stevens Park was pretty cool. We got there when the gates opened. They had a wonderful back drop to the field with downtown Little Rock.

Uncle Craig said that Aunt Beth really liked this ball park because they had an actual organ player that was on the concourse. We got a better treat because we had a full Brass Ensemble.

Isaac really liked the field. Abby would not take a picture with me, but Daddy got this one with me standing behind home plate.

The highlight of the game for both Abby and I was "Shelly", the Arkansas Travelers mascot. He is a donkey. I got to meet him.

Abby just wanted to pull his tail.

They had a player cut out in the Kid's Zone that I really liked. But the steps were a little too high for me.

Like I said, it was a pretty park. The game ended with a Travelers win over the San Antonio Missions. I even got a ball from the Missions first baseman Nathan Freiman. He is the guy in the on-deck circle below.

Abby finally did pose for a picture. She got a Shelly doll from the team store.

Well check back here in a little while and I will have Day 4 posted.

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Pat said...

Glad you had fun, but glad too that you're safely home. What a trip!

Grammy Pat