Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just some cute pics

Abby being herself. She sees me with the camera so much now that she feels that everything she does is picture worthy. I'm not going to tell her any different.

Andy and Abby all wet from playing in the garden while Daddy waters the plants.

And Ike. I forget what he wanted, but he was in my face. (and there is peanut butter on his)

Side note here- When Joe and the kids got back from their trip, you could tell what they listened to in the car. This is everyone's new favorite song. We have to watch it on youtube at least 4 times a week and the kids sing the chorus throughout the day. (I prefer the Glee version) It's a new nighttime routine.


Pat said...

OMG!!! Do you think the kids know what the words mean? Perhaps they can just stick with the chorus. . . .

Grammy Pat

Joanna said...

That's probably the sweetest picture of Isaac EVER! Your kids are awfully photogenic. Can't wait to see you all soon!


Joe and Jocelyn said...

Grammy Pat- of course they have no clue. All they sing is the chorus.