Friday, June 15, 2012

Playground fun

The weather was perfect today. Not too hot, low humidity, and a good breeze. So, we got our shoes on, took a fast potty break, then jumped in the car to go play on Isaac's Kindergarten playground. (that's what he called it)

 Playing in the little school house

 Rockin' it out.

 Andy letting me know he's being brave. 

* Side note here- Ever since Andy's speech has improved, he now has a running commentary on everything he does. And he requires verbal confirmation that he's being heard and understood. I swear, it's almost as bad as Abby. *

After an hour we got back in the car and treated ourselves to Wendy's. After lunch we napped for about 3 hours. I can see us doing this again if I can get 3 hour naps out of the deal!

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Pat said...

They are all getting so tall and grown looking, especially Isaac!

Grammy Pat