Sunday, June 3, 2012

Delk Annual Baseball Trip - 5th Edition - Day 1

Hello Everyone out there... This is Isaac taking over the blog again to tell you all about our Baseball Trip 2012!

Day 1 is in the books and we had a fun trip down to the Pensacola Blue Wahoos. On our way down, we stopped at the Montgomery Biscuits. Daddy has been here before but Abby and I have not. We just stopped and got pictures of the field and of course .... Bat and Pennants. I also got a baseball card set and Abby got a Big Mo doll.

 Here are Abby and I posing in front of a Biscuits Sign. Daddy had a tough time getting us both to look at him.

Here is Abby putting on her best pose.

Here is Abby modeling the latest Minor League Ball Park trip outer wear. Available in Department and Consignment Stores near you.

We then went on to Pensacola's Blue Wahoos.

It was 70's night. There was a lot of people dressed funny. Platforms and Polyester. Not mention Big Hair.

We even got in on the Disco Fever.

Daddy got us the normal bat and pennants, but we also got Mommy a shirt. We had a lot of fun and I even thought the fireworks were fun. Daddy even bought us some interesting head gear.

We had lots of fun. Today, Daddy is taking us to the Mobile Baybears.


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Pat said...

Go Daddy, Isaac, and Abby! You've got your traveling cut out for you!

Grammy Pat