Saturday, October 30, 2010


We went incredibly cheap this year in the Delk house. Not on candy of course, 11 bags of it. No, we went cheap on costumes. Originally, Abby was going to wear a Minnie Mouse costume that we were going to borrow from the day care. However.... I forgot it. But, it just so happened that we inherited a costume from one of my mommy friends; I had just forgotten about it until I was cleaning out the twins' closet.

Abby was a pretty pink poodle. I'm not sure if I inherited it from Andrea Weaver, or Andrea Tate- either way, we were happy to have it!

The only money we spent was on Andy's costume... $1 for the bandanna. Farmer Andy. He is actually wearing a pair of Abby's overalls, his were in the wash. So, even Andy is wearing borrowed clothes!

Isaac went as a baseball player, which must come as a shock to you all. He wore a Braves jersey that we inherited from my coworker, Ansley. He wore baseball pajama pants, and his helmet that he got from Grammy and Papa Delk.

Here are Abby and Andy, almost ready to go!

Freckles on and ready to go!! Aunt Kiki, our neighbor Kayla, got each of the kids a Peanuts bag to take trick-or-treating. The twins used theirs, but Isaac had to carry around the pumpkin basket. I have a feeling they will all become Abby's new purses.

As it turned out, fun was not had by all. Isaac did well going up and asking nicely for candy, "Hey guys! I want some candy!" but he always remembered to say thank you. Abby followed Isaac, but only said thank you, never willing to ask for anything.

Andy FLIPPED OUT. He did not want to go up to the door, and did not want to interact with anyone. He just wanted to walk. So, after we made out 1 loop around the neighborhood, Joe took Andy for another lap; just walking, no stopping for candy.

The rest of the night included Abby giving out hand fulls of candy to each kid as they came up- we ran out of candy pretty quickly, Isaac counting his stash- 19 pieces in all, and Andy sitting on the porch eating M&Ms. I call it a success.


Jenny said...

The kids look so good! I'm sure they were the hit of the neighborhood! Love you!

Pat said...

Abby and Andy were adorable, and Isaac looked like a Really Big Boy. I'll bet they got a lot of compliments.

I wouldn't worry about Andy. As I recall, it took you girls a while to get used to people looking strange on Halloween (I got a kick looking at the picture of Andy giving Abby's poodle ears the fish eye). At least he got a good walk out of it and some individual daddy time (I've noticed he's pretty brave when Joe D's around).

Speaking of Joe D, I hope he had a happy birthday!


Joanna said...

All the kids looked great! It's nice that you live in a neighborhood surrounded by friends. You just can't beat the trick-or-treating experience! Hopefully Andy will be more into it next year.

The Full Count said...

They looked adorable!! And great job with the inventive costumes! CAN'T wait to see you guys!!