Wednesday, October 20, 2010

At the game

That is.. at Joe's church league baseball game. I encouraged Joe to join the church league team in order to get him out of the house, and socializing with people his age more. He had a good time, and I got roped into taking the kids to one of the games. (other moms from our Sunday class were there and wondered where I was) So... here is what my kids decided to do instead of watching the game.

Andy found himself a wonderful pile of dirt to play with. His fun consisted of letting the dirt run through his fingers and then shoving it up his pants.

Abby decided that the ball park was too cluttered, so she decided to throw all the rocks away. This was after helping Andy with his pile of dirt.

Isaac had fun with the other little boys that were there. He played ball, rolled in dirt, and cheesed for the camera.

About 5 min after arriving at the ballpark, I decided that saying,"Stay out of the dirt," was pretty pointless. So, after consulting with the other mammas that this was a normal reaction from the children when faced with having to amuse themselves, I let them have at it.

Needless to say, the tub had a distinct ring around it after the threw them all in for their baths. (all at the same time)

Never again.

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Pat said...

Hooray! New pictures! Those little Delks are adorable even when they're filthy dirty (and especially when someone else has to give them their baths)!

Grammy Pat