Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Delk Christmas

Unfortunately, I have not downloaded Joe's pics from his camera yet. However... I do have pics from Beth's Facebook page!
As is tradition, we woke up on Christmas morning to find that Santa had once again set up our tree while we were sleeping! Exciting! We spent the morning opening gifts, eating breakfast, and watching the new Laurie Berkner Band DVD.
In the afternoon, Joe's family came to the house for lunch/ dinner.

This is Abby wearing her new dress made by her Aunt Kitty (Melissa). She is accessorizing by wearing Uncle Craig's hat.
She LOVES her Uncle Craig. For at least 2 weeks now, she has been talking about Uncle Craig and Aunt Beth, so you can imagine her excitement when they came in the door. Abby was not happy unless she was either in Craig's lap, or had Craig's undivided attention.

Here' s Andy in his Christmas outfit. He is eating one of Grammy Delk's cookies she made. He loved the cookies so much that he would snag another one each time he passed the dining room table. He was so sneaky, I didn't realize he was doing it until his 3rd cookie.

Andy's favorite toy this Christmas was a toy train that he received from Grammy and Papa Delk. I'll have to get a pic of it and post it later, but he still has not put it down. He sleeps with it.

Isaac refused to wear the Christmas outfit I had planned for him. For some reason he has an aversion to the color red. I can't figure it out, but he refuses to wear any of his red shirts. So, this was the outfit he chose for himself.

Isaac was excited to see everyone... so excited that he went all day with no nap. He decided his job was to guard the gifts.

We were blessed, I guess, with a white Christmas. Honestly, I would have been happier if the snow had not been wasted on a holiday, and used instead on a school day.
Our house is situated so that we do not get a lot of daytime sun on our yard. In fact, the house across the street has no snow let in their yard, yet ours is still covered, and our steps are still covered in ice. It's really annoying.

Everyone had a great time! Craig and Beth even stayed the night at our house, and we celebrated by watching some of Castle Season 1. (Best show ever, by the way) Abby was very happy to get to see her Uncle Craig on Sunday morning.

But, it's not over yet! We have Joe's extended family's Christmas on Friday, and my family's Christmas on Saturday. I will attempt to find my camera between now and then.


Pat said...

Beth took some great pictures! I loved them all, but I loved the "narrative" just as much! Each kid enjoyed Christmas in his or her own inimitable way.

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

Can't wait to see you guys! Love the pictures of those crazy kiddos!

PS - Castle IS the best show ever!