Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Julia!!

This past weekend, the Delks headed to the new Davis homestead. Julia celebrated her birthday in style- with family of all kinds showering her with attention.

Cutest cupcakes ever!

Aunt Boo, me, and Gommy Petty. 3 Pretty ladies!

Abby and Gommy Petty- sharing Gommy's chips. I don't know who had a better time with this arrangement, Abby or Gommy!

I love this pic because it shows both of the twins getting love. ;)

I think Julia was surprised- for the first time ever people were cheering her while she made a huge mess. The more the mess- the more the cheers!! I thought she was the most adorable little linebacker I've ever seen!

Joshua trying to prove just how big his mouth is. Get it Joshua!!

I'm not sure about Isaac and his new love of the side pose. It seems all of his pictures now-a-days have him posing this way. Oh well, at least he stays still for them.

We all had a great time. The food was yummy, the cake was cute, and the company was festive. Thanks for opening your house, Aunt Jenny! Happy Birthday Julia!!


The Full Count said...

Your Gommy Petty still looks amazing! What a pretty lady!

Pat said...

I tried to get my picture taken with every baby there, but I wasn't successful. . . .

Jenny said...

I loved how well the kids all played together! we didn't have any trouble out of any of them until it was time to leave! I guess that means that they had a ball!